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By Jit Majumdar

  1. spectacular soldier
  2. a gandharva who was the son of Viśvāvasu and the husband of Sandhyāvalī and Ratnāvalī and a friend and aide of the Pāndavas, and instructed Arjuna in music and dance (M. Bh.); a son the 13th Manu Raucya; a son of Gada; a Puru prince who was the son of Parīkşita and grandson of Avīkşita (M. Bh.); a minister of Jarāsandha (M. Bh.); king of Abhisāra who fought for the Kauravas in the bhharata War (M. Bh.); brother of Suśarmā the king of Tŗgārta (M. Bh.); a son of Karņa who was killed by Nakula (M. Bh.); a brother of Karņa who was killed by Yudhamanyu (M. Bh.); a nāga who came to Arjuna’s aid during his battle with Karņa (M. Bh.); a king of the dynasty of Manu Vaivasvata (Bg. Pur.); another name for King Parīkşita (fem: citrasenā):
  3. an apsarā in the court of Kubera (M. Bh.); a mother in Skanda’s retinue (M. Bh.).

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