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By Swami Harshananda

From the Vedic days people have been rather fastidious in choosing ‘good’ days and avoiding ‘bad’ days for starting of any venture. Even now, even the average person, is very particular about this.

Such days are generally decided with the help of astrologers and priests who consult the pañcāṅga (the almanac) and give their opinion. One of the inauspicious days mentioned there is called ‘dagdhayoga’. If the week days from Sunday to Saturday occur on certain tithis (days as per the lunar calendar) as shown below, they are called ‘dagdhayogas’. The name is perhaps derived from the reason that ventures started on such days of the week, united (yoga = union) with certain tithis, become dagdha or destroyed (dagdha = burnt, destroyed). They are:

  1. Sunday associated with dvādaśī (12th day)
  2. Monday associated with ekādaśī (11th day)
  3. Tuesday associated with daśamī (10th day)
  4. Wednesday associated with tṛtīyā (3rd day)
  5. Thursday associated with ṣaṣthī (6th day)
  6. Friday associated with dvitīyā (2nd day)
  7. Saturday associated with saptamī (7th day)

These days are calculated either from the day after the new-moon or the full-moon. These dagdhayoga days are inauspicious.


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