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By Swami Harshananda

According to the purāṇas, which contain a lot of geographical and historical material on the country, the Bhāratavarṣa is a part of the Jambudvīpa. It is divided into seven regions.

Dakṣiṇāpatha is the region in the South of the river Narmadā. Its extent is about one-fourth of Bhāratavarṣa. Some of the people inhabiting this region are:

  1. Pāṇḍyas
  2. Keralas
  3. Colas
  4. Setukas
  5. Musikas
  6. Kumāras
  7. Māhiṣakas
  8. Kāveras
  9. Vidarbhas
  10. Daṇḍakas
  11. Āndhras
  12. Rṣikas
  13. Kuntalas
  14. Etc.

The modern Deccan region is almost the same as Dakṣiṇāpatha.


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