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From Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

By Jit Majumdar

  1. godlike; reminding of the gods; similar to the gods
  2. associated with divine beings; an attendant to an image of a deity
  3. an author of a part of the Ŗk Veda (IX); elder brother of Dhaumya the priest of the Pāndavas and the father of Suvarcalā the wife of Śvetaketu (M. Bh.); son of the muni Asita and the husband of Ekapaŕņā (M. Bh.); a ŗşi who was the son of Pratyūşa (Hv. Pur.); the father of Sańnatī (Hv. Pur.); a son of the muni Viśvāmitra (Hv. Pur.); a son of Kŗşţāśva and Dhīşaņā (Bg. Pur.).(fem: devalā): the daughter of Āhuka and sister of Dhŗti and Ugrasena (Bg. Pur.); a rāginī.

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