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By Swami Harshananda


The Dharmasutras are the third aspect or branch of the Kalpasutra literature. Kalpasutra literature is the last of the six Vedāṅgas.[1]


Dharmasutras are also known as the Sāmayācārika sutras which deal mainly with ācāra, vyavahāra[2] and the varṇāśramadharmas.

Difference between the Gṛhyasutras and the Dharmasutras[edit]

Though the Gṛhyasutras and the Dharmasutras are closely connected and the topics are sometimes overlapped, the Gṛhyasutras confines itself mainly to pākayajñas and sanskāras whereas the dharmasutras mainly cover Varṇāśramadharmas.

Account of Dharmasutras[edit]

The following is a list of the Dharmasutras available now:

  1. Āpastamba Dharmasutras
  2. Baudāyana Dharmasutras
  3. Hārīta Dharmasutras
  4. Hiranyakeśi Dharmasutras
  5. Vaikhānasa Dharmasutras
  6. Viṣṇu Dharmasutras


  1. Vedāṅgas are the subsidiary sciences of the Vedas.
  2. It means code of conduct in personal and social life
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