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Dheepa Lakshmi Sthuthi

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Dheepa Lakshmi Sthuthi

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1.Dheepo Jyothi Param Brahma, Dheepo jyothi Narayana,
Dheepo harathu may papam , Sandhya dheepo Namosthuthe.

The lamp and its flame are the divine Brahmam,
The lamp and its flame are Lord Narayana,
The lamp destroys all sins and I salute the lamp at the dawn.

2.Shubham karothi Kalyanam, Arogyam Dhana Sampadha,
Sathru budhi vinasaya , Dheepa jyothi namosthuthe.

I salute the flame of the lamp , for performance of good deeds,
For health , wealth , riches and for destruction of my enemies.

3.Suvarna vrudhim Kurume gruhe sree ,
Sudhanya vrudhim Kurume gruhe sree,
Kalyana Vrudhim Kurume gruhe sree,
Vibhoothi vrudhim Kurume gruhe sree.

Oh sree, lead to increase of gold in my home,
Oh sree, lead to increase of good grains in my home,
Oh sree , lead to increase of auspiciousness in my home,
Oh sree, lead to increase of godliness in my home.

4.Keeda pathanga masakaa cha vrukshaa,
Jale sthale ye nivasanthu jeeva ,
Drushtwa pradheepam na cha janma bhajo.
Bhavanthi nithyam swasahi vipraa.

Insects , butter flies , bugs and trees,
Which live in water or in land ,
Seeing the lighted lamp would definitely,
Get rid of all the sins done in various births,
And so the Brahmin lights the lamp daily.

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