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By Jit Majumdar

  1. eternal; permanent; constant; consistent;
  2. the Pole Star (Polaris), personified as the son of King Uttānapāda and Sunīti, and the grandson of the 1st Manu Svāyambhūva, who is regarded as one of the greatest and exemplary devotees of Lord Vişņu, and who attained the highest status in the heavens with Vişņu’s blessings after performing the severest penances; a son of king Nahuşa and brother of Yayāti (M. Bh.); one of the 8 vasus, who was the son of Dharma and Dhumrā (M. Bh.); a son of Vasudeva and Rohinī and brother of Balarāma (Bg. Pur.); a son of Ratinara (Vi. Pur.); the serpent holding the earth (Ttr. Ār.); another name for Brahmā, Vişņu, Śiva and the syllable Om.