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By Swami Harshananda

The word Drāvida has been used in the dharmaśāstra literature in several senses.

Drāvida as Brāhmaṇa[edit]

The brāhmaṇas of India have been divided into two groups:

  1. Pañca-drāvida
  2. Pañca-gauda

The karṇāṭas, the tailaṅgas, the guṛjaris, the mahārāṣṭrians and the drāvidas belong to pañca-drāvida group.

Drāvida as Temple Architecture[edit]

There are three well-known styles of temple architecture:

  1. Drāvida
  2. Nāgara
  3. Vesara

The drāvida style is in the form of truncated pyramids and is more common in the region to the south of the river Kṛṣṇā.

Drāvida as Jati[edit]

‘Drāvida’ is the name of a Jati classed among the śudras. Persons of this caste are supposed to have sprung from the kṣattriyas who had not undergone the Vedic sacraments like upanayana.


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