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By Swami Harshananda

Gṛhakarman literally means ‘the act of building a house’.

Any householder is expected to build a house for himself and his family (if he can afford it) and is also expected to observe certain rules and regulations while doing so. Some of these observances are:

  • A place where the earth is whitish in color and the ground is level is considered suitable to build a house.
  • One should build a well in one's compound.
  • The entrance of the house should not be in south-east and north-west directions. East, west and north directions are recommended
  • One should start building house on certain auspicious months only like Vaiśākha (April/May) or Āṣāḍha (July/ August)
  • One should not be build in the inauspicious months like Caitra (March/April) or Māgha (February/March)
  • The wood with the following characteristics should be avoided:
    • Wood of a tree from which its milk is oozing out
    • Trees on which birds are living
    • Trees which have fallen to the ground or those which have been burnt
    • Trees grown in the premises of temples
    • Trees in which deities or divine beings are believed to reside
    • Thorny trees

More details[edit]

More details have been provided in the texts relating to Vastuśastra as well as several different Purāṇas.


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