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By Swami Harshananda

Gaṇḍakāla literally means ‘inauspicious time’.

In astrology, the birth of a baby at certain times, which are considered as inauspicious, forebodes evil to its parents. One such inauspicious time is called ‘gaṇḍakāla’.

For instance, the first three ghaṭikās[1] when the three nakṣatras Aśvinī,[2] Makha[3] and Mulā[4] are present are inauspicious. If it occurs in the night and the baby is born at that time it forebodes evil for the mother.


  1. 1 ghatikā = 24 minutes
  2. Aśvinī is the stars beta and gamma, arietis.
  3. Makha is the stars alpha, eta, gamma, zeta, mu and epsilon leonis.
  4. Mulā is the stars lambda and upsilon scorpii.
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