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By Swami Harshananda

Gorakhpur literally means the ‘city of Gorakhnāth’.

Gorakhpur is situated on the bank of the river Rāpti at a distance of 240 kms.[1] to the North of Vārāṇasī or Kāśī in Uttar Pradesh. A beautiful temple is built over the samādhi[2] of the well-known sage Gorakhnāth[3] who perhaps lived in the eleventh century A. D. is the main religious attraction of this place.

The sanctum houses the samādhi. Behind it is an image of Mother Kālī. An oil lamp is kept burning always near the image and never allowed to be put out. The Maṭha (monastery) is a part of the temple campus. Its head (called ‘mahanta’) is considered as a perfect being. One of the chief attractions of this place is the Gītā Press which is doing commendable service in spreading religion and culture. The town now has a University and is also a center of trade, industry and commerce.


  1. 240 kms is 150 miles.
  2. Samādhi is the place of burial.
  3. Gorakhnāth is also spelt as Gorakha/Gorakṣanātha.
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