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In this book, we analyze the psycho-social consequences faced by Indian American children after exposure to the school textbook discourse on Hinduism and ancient India. We demonstrate that there is an intimate connection—an almost exact correspondence—between James Mill’s colonial-racist discourse (Mill was the head of the British East India Company) and the current school textbook discourse. This racist discourse, camouflaged under the cover of political correctness, produces the same psychological impacts on Indian American children that racism typically causes: shame, inferiority, embarrassment, identity confusion, assimilation, and a phenomenon akin to racelessness, where children dissociate from the traditions and culture of their ancestors.

This book is the result of four years of rigorous research and academic peer-review, reflecting our ongoing commitment at Hindupedia to challenge the representation of Hindu Dharma within academia.


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Prayer to Protect the Son
Addressed to Lord of Guruvayur
Translated by P.R.Ramachander

This prayer in Malayalam is addressed to the Lord of Guruvayur in his ten Avataras to take care of one’s son at every stage of his life.

Ipparil pukazh pongum Guruvay-
Rappa pothi, jagatpathe madhava,
Ippavapetta gnan akhilesa, nin,
Tripadambuje veenu vanangunen., 1

Oh, Lord of Guruvayur, whose fame,
Rises in this world, Oh lord of universe,
Oh Madhava, this innocent poor man,
Salutes you by falling at your lotus,
Like feet, Oh God of the Universe.

Ninthiruvadi onnu kanignagil,
Endu asadyamayullu, Ijagathingal,
Bandu vathsala, nee ozinjarume,
Santhapam agthiduvaan illa may., 2

In this universe, what is there,
That cannot be achieved, If,
You take interest in it,
Oh God,who loves his devotees,,
There is none for me in this world except you,
Who can brush away all my sorrows.

Vacha bhakthya bhavat pada sannidhou,
Kazhcha vechitha, deenanaam balane,
Theerchayay paripalanam cheyyuvan,
Nerchayod unarthikunnithen vibo., 3

Due to my devotion towards you,my lord,
I give away my poor son to you,
For truly taking care of him, oh, my lord,
And I make this request along with offerings.

Akshyil kanda vasthu samasthavum,
Kukshiyil kothiyode nirakkumbol,
Pakshi vahana danwandara hare,
Rakshikkenam apathyam ozhichu nee., 4

When I am filling all that I see in this world,
Along with greed in this private bag of mine,
Oh God who rides on a bird. Oh Hari,
Oh Danwanthari, please take care of me,
Without taking a deep dislike to me.

Uthsahathode kootar onnichee,
Vathsan vellathil mungi kulikkumbol,
Mathsya roopa, purushothama hare,
Vathsalyathode kathu rakshikkenam., 5

When my this son along with his friends,
With exuberance takes bath in a pond,
Hey Hari, Hey greatest of men, who has the form of a fish,
Please take care of him with great affection.

Karma sakshiyagum jagnnayaga,
Kar mugil varna, karunya varidhe,
Orma kai vitturangum en unniye,
Koorma vigraha palichidenam., 6

Oh lord of the universe, who is,
Witness to all actions, Oh Lord,
Of the colour of the black cloud,
Oh ocean of mercy, please take care,
Of this my son, who is sleeping,
With no care, Oh God who became a tortoise.

Prouda balanmar othu vanangalil,
Oodamodham kalichu nadakkumbol,
Kroda vigraha, danava nigraha,
Peeda koodathe nadha rakshikkenam., 7

When my son with other lads,
Without care travels and plays in the forest,
Oh God who took the form of a boar,
Oh God who killed several Asuras,
Please take care of him without any trouble, Oh Lord.

Bhootha pretha pisachukal moolamayi,
Beethi poondivan ravil uzhalumbol,
Bhootha bhavana, hey Narasimha hare,
Preethi poorvam abhayam ekidenam., 8

Due to devils, ghosts and bad souls,
When he tosses in his bed due to fear, Oh Hari,
Oh Narasimha, Oh Lord who takes care of beings,
Please extend him protection with affection, Oh Lord.

Padu vanga prabhuthwa madham ullil,
Pedum youvana kalathu ivan ethum,
Kuduthayidum apathozhikkuvan,
Padu vamana murthe vangunnen., 9

During the time, when he reaches youth,
With mind full of idiocy, snobbishness,
And exuberance, to protect him from any dangers,
I salute that great God Vamana with devotion.

Bharga sishya, thaponidhe, Kerala,
Swarga souseelya leela visaradhe,
Bhargava bhagawane, makannu sa-
Nmargamayathu katti rakshikkenam., 10

The disciple of Bhargava, the storehouse of Thapas,
Who playfully made the heaven of Kerala,
Oh God Bhargava, please show the right,
Path to my son, lead him and protect him.

Sathya dharma rathany sadacharam,
Nithyanay ivan vanu sukikkuvan,
Sathya roopa, hey rama dasaratha,
Puthra Raghava, nithyam vanangidunnen., 11

I salute you daily, Oh Rama,
Who is Raghava,the son of Dasaratha
And who is personification of truth,
So that my son lives in truth and piety,
And observes good conduct in his life.

Hala mudritha baho, maha veera,
Bala nirjjitha sarvari sanjaya,
Balabadhra bhavan ende puthrannay,
Balabadhra gunangal egidenam., 12

Oh Balabadhra who carries a plough,
Who is a great warrior, who is full of strength,
And treasure house of all that is good,
Please give my son, all your good qualities.

Nanda nandana, Vrundavana priya,
Nandaneeya guna gana varidhe,
Nandi poorvam en nandanil kani,
Njhu indira pathe, palichu kollenam., 13

Oh son of Nanda, Oh lover of Brindavana,
Of lad with ocean of all good qualities,
I gratefully request you to show mercy,
On my son and take care of him, Oh Lord of Lakshmi.

Gadgapane khalajana nasana,
Khadgi roopa, kali mala mochana,
Math guro kamala dala lochana,
Salgunalaya, paala balane., 14

He who holds the sword, who destroys,
Bad souls, who is known as Kalki,
Who is cure to ills of kali age,
Who is my teacher, who has lotus like eyes,
And who is temple of all that is good, take care of my son.

Paal kadalil phaneeswara metha mel,
Akkamodennum palli kollum vibho,
Nalkku naal varum arthikal okkeyum,
Neeki rakshikka venam, jagat pathe., 15

Oh Lord who daily lies down on
The bed of a serpent, floating.
On the ocean of milk along with grace,
Please save my son from the desire after desires,
That are bound to come in this world, Oh Lord.

Ayussambathum ambathum eekenam,
Thejassum yassu ojassum mey sukham,
Sreyasllam ivannu labhikkuvan,
Asissu arulename daivame., 16

Oh god,please bless him with a life,
Of fifty and fifty years, shine, fame,
Active life, physical comfort,
And well known recognition, Oh God.

Vidhyayum vinayadhi gunangalum,
Hrudya soubhagya sampath samrudhiyum,
Aadyanamumbhgavat bhakthiyum, mukthiyum,
Veda vedhya bhavan ivannu ekidenam., 17

Oh Good who is described by the Vedas,
Please give this boy, education, humility,
Broad mind, lot of riches, teaching,
Devotion to God and salvation.

Prayamakunna kalathu ameya nin,
Mayakodinnavane valaykkola,
Mayaa manusha nin pada padmathil,
Bhooyo bhooyo namayanvaham., 18

Oh, enchanter, I salute again,
Again endlessly your lotus feet,
With a request that when this boy,
Becomes a man, You will not,
Trouble him with your illusions.

Viswa krupa virat purusha prabho,
Viswapavana, visvaika palaka,
Viswsamhara viswaikanadha hey,
Viswavanditha vishno namosthuthe., 19

My salutations to that Vishnu,
Who is merciful to the universe,
Who is the great soul behind the universe,
Who is the most blessed of the universe,
Who looks after the entire universe,
Who destroys the universe,
Who is the lord of the universe,
And who makes the entire universe happy.

Isthuthi nithya markodayathilum,
Asthamichum padikkum janangalkku.
Nisthula gunapoornaram puthrare,
Hastharingal vechu lalichidam., 20

People who read this prayer daily,
During dawn and after dusk.
Would be able to fondle,
Sons who are of great character.

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