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By M. A. Alwar

Irivellikā is a disease caused by an affliction born of a boil in the head.


Irivellikā is a feminine form.

Perspective from the Rishis[edit]


“In the head a round boil with severe pain and severe fever caused by all the three doshas and having the symptoms of all the three doshas is called as irivellikā.”


“Irivellika is a round boil above the neck region with the symptoms of all the three doshas.”


As per Bhāvaprakāśa[edit]

“A doctor should treat irivellikā by the same procedure that has been stated for treatment of paittika (a bilious disease) and visarpa (a dry, spreading itchy disease).

As per vaidyakacakrapāṅisaṁgraha[edit]

“Irivellikā, also known as gandha, should be treated like a bilious visarpa”.


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