Kāśyapa Samhitā

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By Swami Harshananda

Kāśyapa Samhitā is a dharmasutra work. It is attributed to the sage Kaśyapa. It is quoted by other writers like Baudhāyana (600-300 B. c.) and later writers. The work is not available now.

Topics in Kāśyapa Samhitā[edit]

It seems to have dealt with the usual topics of dharmaśāstras that includes:

Topics in Kaśyapasmrti[edit]

Kaśyapasmrti is a manuscript recovered few years back. It is in prose and deals with:

  • Duties of the householders
  • Expiation for polluting public places like wells, ponds and temples
  • Expiation for killing cows and other animals
  • Expiation for other sins
  • Rules concerning mourning after death
  • Purification of vessels of wood
  • Metal


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