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In this book, we analyze the psycho-social consequences faced by Indian American children after exposure to the school textbook discourse on Hinduism and ancient India. We demonstrate that there is an intimate connection—an almost exact correspondence—between James Mill’s colonial-racist discourse (Mill was the head of the British East India Company) and the current school textbook discourse. This racist discourse, camouflaged under the cover of political correctness, produces the same psychological impacts on Indian American children that racism typically causes: shame, inferiority, embarrassment, identity confusion, assimilation, and a phenomenon akin to racelessness, where children dissociate from the traditions and culture of their ancestors.

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Kala Samhara Murthy Pathikam (Tamil)

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Kala Samhara Murthi Pathigam
(Prayer to God who killed God of death)

Abhirama Bhattar

Translated by

P. R.Ramachander

(Kala Samhara Murthi (also known as Amrutha Gateswarar) is the God presiding over thirukadayur a temple town near Kumbakonam of Tamil Nadu. It is believed that when sage Markandeya was nearing his death and was being chased by the God of death, he rushed in to the sanctum sanctorum of this temple and embraced the Shiva Lingam. The God of death swung his Pasa(rope) on Markandeya. When the rope started pulling the lingam, God Shiva broke the lingam, came out and killed Kala, the God of death. Abhirama Bhattar a great savant and a poet wrote this great prayer. His major work is Abhirami anthadhi. Readers who want to know more about him are requested to read my introduction to the translation of Abhirami Anthadhi.
I have taken this great prayer from a book called Abhirami Bhattarain Pathigangal , where the tamil meaning of these prayers are given by Abhiramadasan Meenakshi Sundaram Mohan, published by the author .I owe my deep gratitude to this great translation which helped me understand the meaning of all the difficult words in this great prayer.)

1.Chudar mani kuzhayum , malar karathu uzhayum , thumbigal idai idai nuzhayum,
Thumbai malikayum, vambuvar jadayum , thunda ven pirayum , munnoolum,
Nadana pangayamum , kirana kankanamum , nangai pangu amarntha sundaramum,
Nayanam moondru udaya kolamum kandor namanayum kana Vallavaro?
Kodi pala thodutha nediya mamani por gopuram paridam thoduthu,
Kozhundu vittu yezhundhu van nilavu yerippa kondal vandu ulaviye nilavum,
Kadi malar thadamum suruthi othidamum kanni madamum choozhndu ,
Kana valam chirantha kadavai ampathiyay, Kalanai kayntha thathparane.

Those who see the form of Lord with shining gem studded ear globes,
With hands holding a deer, with garland of thumbai* flowers frequented by bees,
With long hair with pleasant aroma , with the crescent , with sacred thread ,
With lotus feet in dancing pose , with shining armlets ,
With the prettiness of the lady occupying half his body and with three eyes,
Will they ever be able to see the God of death ?
Oh pretty Lord who killed the God of death and presides over the great Thirukadayur
With gem studded homes similar to golden spires touching the sky with lot of flags,
With the bright moon touching the wandering rich black clouds
With ponds full of flowers , with Vedas being chanted day and night ,
And with big buildings in which lot of maids live and with all things in plenty .
*Leucas aspera
2,Thandamum , kayirum, solamum pugaintha thazhal umizh kangalum valaintha,
Thanthamum , sivantha kunjiyum , kariya sayilame anaya meniyumai,
Andina samanai kandu ullam mayangi arivu azhindu iru vizhigalum panju,
Adainthu vay pularnthu mey maranthidum podhu , ambikai thannudan varuvay,
Vandugal murandru mugai murukku udainthu , Madhu mazhai pozhindhu , thathu alainthu,
Madal virithu alanthu pon niram pothintha manral am kondrai var chadaiyay,
Kandavar ulamum kannume kavarum gana dhana vanithayar nerungum,
Kana valam chirantha kadavai ampathiyay , Kalanai kayntha tharparane.

When the lord of death with Dandayudha in his hand along with a rope and trident,
With eyes spitting fire and with body similar to a big black mountain,
Comes towards me , my mind will get frozen , my intelligence would be destroyed,
My eyes become not able to see as if it is covered by a piece of cotton,
My mouth would become dry and when my soul is about to leave the body,
Please come to me along with the Goddess and shower your grace.
Oh pretty Lord who killed the God of death , who wears over his long hair ,
The golden coloured konrai* flowers ,which due to the dash of bees
While it was opening are coated with honey and pollen grains, and
Oh God who presides over the great Thirukadayur , which is full of ladies with heavy breasts,
Attracting the mind and eyes of those who see them and which has plenty of all wealth.
*cassia fistula
3.Dhanapathi nigaray chelvame perineum , sathamakan bhogame perineum ,
Dharani chumakkum chedane nigaray thakkathor arivu yellam perineum,
Ananganai nigaray azhagu thaan perineum , arumarai kizhavan ner urinum ,
Iyya , nin kadaikkan arul thavariya per amkai odu yenthi nindru uzhalwar,
Pana kanganathai , alapparum gunathai , Parvathi vama bagathai,
Paval nal nirainthay , thavala thoolithathay, pari puram alambu por padathay,
Kanagamum thugirum tharalavum vayira kalangalum nilam thorum midaintha,
Kana valam chirantha kadavai ampathiyay , Kalanai kayntha tharparane.

Even if one has wealth as much as Lord of wealth,
Even if one were to enjoy the pleasures like Indra with one hundred eyes,
Even if one has wisdom of Adhisesha who supports the earth,
Even if one has the prettiness of Adonis, Even if one has all rights like a Veda chanting Brahmin,
Oh Lord if one does not get the grace of your side long glance ,
He would keep on wandering , begging with a alms bowl in hand.
Oh Lord with snake bangles , Oh Lord with immeasurable good qualities,
Oh Lord who keeps Parvathi in the left , Oh Lord with the colour of the coral,
Oh Lord coated with white sacred ash and who wears anklets on his golden feet,
Oh Lord who presides over Thirukadayur full of gold , corals , pearls,
And diamond ornaments and which is blessed with al sorts of wealth,
Oh Lord who killed the God of death.

4.Thandhayai , manayai , okkalai , thunayai, thayai , men kudalai vay cheyai,
Thanathai, youvanathai , inba mohanathai , thaiyal nallar perum thanathai,
Andhiyum pagalum virumbi mey chombhi aazh kadr padu thurumbhu aagi,
Alakazhindhenai pulkappada thiruthi aat kola ninaithilay andro?
Chinthai nainthuruga innisai padithu chilambhu oli aarave nadithu ,
Chezhum punal chadai mel karanthayai mudithu thiru veneeru udal yelam vadithu,
Kandhai kovanam thol pokkanam thangi kapalam ondru yendhi nindravane,
Kana valam chirantha kadavai ampathiyay , Kalanai kayntha tharparane.

Getting attracted to father, mother, wife , relations, the babies who lisp,
Wealth , young age , bewitching pleasures and breasts of pretty ladies,
Day and night , getting weakened by it and becoming like a dry grass in a deep sea,
I was wandering without aim but you did not think it fit to help me by improving me , Is it not?
Oh Lord who sings to make the mind melt , who dances with his jingling anklets,
Who decorates his hair holding the Ganges river with Karanthai* flowers,
Who coats all his body with sacred ash , who wears a loin cloth and a hide of tiger,
And stood holding a alms pot , Oh Lord of Kadayur blessed with all wealth,
Oh Lord who killed the God of death.
*zeylanicus Kotta
5.Vanchaga kinaray , thunba varidhiyay , Varumai yenpoatharkku irupidamay ,
Maram pothi kutilay , asathiya vithayay , mayal vilai kazhaniyay , pava,
Sanchitha vadivay, charucharai puramy , sangada noy kalanjiyamy,
Thalai thadumari thiryum yenthanukku un than ali kidaikkumo?ariyen,
Nanjam un paguvay kadikai mul yeyithu, nakai mani paanthal am choozhndha,
Nalir ilam pirayum , milir chezhum chadaya , nangayar muzhu mathi mugathai,
Kanjamena malargal kandu vaay odungum , kandham undhiya thadam choozhum ,
Kana valam chirantha kadavai ampathiyay , Kalanai kayntha tharparane.

Being a well of deceit , being a sea of sorrow , being the residence of poverty,
Being the sea of untruth in the body full of sins , being a field of unconsciousness due to sin,
Being a form of the accumulated sins, Being devoid of happiness, mercy and help to others,
Being a store house of all diseases that trouble, my head is not stable and
I wander without any aim and when will I get your cooling assistance ? I do not know.
Oh Lord with shining red hair , in which snake with poisonous fangs and sharp teeth ,
Which keeps the shining garnet with it and also the cooling crescent of moon reside ,
Who resides in the prosperous Thirukadayur , where the lotus in the ponds ,
Always close themselves thinking that the face of damsels of the town is a full moon,
Oh Lord who killed the God of death.

6.Biramanum chalikka , thayar chanjaikka , pethayar kandu asangaikka,
Pinigalum pagaikka , moopu vandhu alaikka , Pin thodarnthu aasai chendru izhukka,
Tharumanum verukka , narakavum orukka Tharani chumanthu nondhu ilaikka,
Chakadu yena chuzhalum karangu yena kodiya sadalame yedukka naan ilakko?
Kuru mani imaikkum pudu malar thadathil koottilam mottu mamethi ,
Kulangal poy padinthu nalam kilar chezhunthen kuvalai mendru uzhakkiya thottam,
Kariya makadalil pugunthu neer arunthum kala megangalo yenlay,
Kana valam chirantha kadavai ampathiyay , Kalanai kayntha tharparane.

Brahma has got bored, mothers have got tired, women are afraid of child birth,
Diseases have become enemy , old age is troubling, desires follow you and drag,
The god of death is hating his job, The hell is also hating itself,
The world after carrying all the people up to this time is in pain and has become thin,
And am I the only target for carrying the corpse of the chariot of time which rotates?
In the lakes of Thirukadavur, where the flowers open like gems and shine with great luster,
The young and fat Buffallos swim in the water and eat the honey drenching lotus flowers,
And this appears like the big black rich clouds entering the sea and making them in to vapour.
Oh Lord who killed the God of death.

7.Marugu vem chinathar therun avagunathar vanchagam pothintha nenchagathar,
Vazhakkam ondru illa pazhakkarum moodar mathi ilaa pathithar paal anugi,
Porumayil tharuman, neriyinil chetan, Pulamayil kuriya mamunivan,
Purandharan yenavum nirantharam pugazhndu pozhudu avam pokkinen, andho,
Veri malar pirasam chorinthu vandu inamgal midainthu mamukilinai kizhithu ,
Mel idathu iravi poasum puravigaly vilangiye vin thala mugattai ,
Kazhuvi nindru oongi cheriyum iyndharuvul karpaga tharuvinai oppai,
Kana valam chirantha kadavai ampathiyay , Kalanai kayntha tharparane.

I called people, whose mind is tumultuous with anger , people with bad character,
People whose mind is full of evil tricks and the fools who are not fit to move with good people,
As Dharmaputhra for patience , Adisesha for good character . Agasthya for poetic skills,
And Indra who enjoys life and wasted all my time., Alas.
Oh Lord of Kadayur which is like the wish giving tree among the five great trees which touch the sky,
Where the horses of the sun are nothing but the bees of Thirukadayur growing immensely,
Reaching there and tearing the clouds as a group , having attained that growth,
Due to drinking the constant shower of honey by the various flowers,
Of the prosperous Thirukadayur , Oh Lord who killed the God of death.

8.Nenjakam kuzhaindhu , pani vidaikku isainthu, neerodu kandikai punainthu,
Nilavu porkoil adai valam purinthu , negizhum mun naal malar yeduthu,
Vanchamaa mayakkil mayakkum iympulanaam matthalar valimaiyai kavarnthu un,
Malar padathu iruthi, alakkanai thurathi, mathi migu vazhvu alithidum “Om,
“joom sa” , yenum nal thooya moondru ezhuthai sukirdhamay kondu archananai chey,
Thondargal uravai kondu unai paniya kanakkaanaam , yenakku arul purivaay,
Kanchamen malar meethu anjam mey pasakka kar mayil ogaramay nadikkum,
Kana valam chirantha kadavai ampathiyay , Kalanai kayntha tharparane.

Please bless me so that I become one in the company of your great devotees,
Who with a melted heart, agree for serving you , put on the sacred ash on them,
And wear the chain of Rudraksha , perambulate your golden temple ,
Pick flowers suitable for your worship , win over the enemy of five sensory organs,
Which make one loose his senses to the illusory pleasures of life,,
Control all worries and then worship by reciting the great three lettered Mrutyunjaya chant ,
Of “Om, Jum Sa” , and permit the base man like me to worship you.
Oh God of the town of prosperous Kadayur where the swans sit happily on the lotus flowers ,
And the peacocks on seeing the rich clouds open their feathers and dance
Oh Lord who killed the God of death.

9.Maikkayal vizhiyaal mayakki , ul urukki , manjalal mugathinai minukki,
Mani nagai perukki , aasai undakki , valar ila mulai thugil irukki,
Pakkal vandhu amarnthu , men mozhi pagarndhu, paravasam pola mel vizhundu,
Padi(ru) ulam unarnthe asathiyam uraithu parithida kuritha pavayar kkay,
Dukha sagarathil azhundhi naal thorum thotha patta padakanai,
Thuyya chenkamala cheyyathal inaikke , thondu kondal kurai urumo?
Kai kazhangadum thirathinai nigaray kamalamen malar misaim arukaar,
Kalippali chuzhalum kadavai ampathiyay, Kalanai kayntha thathparane.

If this sinner who sank in the sea of sorrow daily by the pretty lady,
Attracting by her eyes with collyrium , melting the mind,
Shining with her face where turmeric has been applied,
Wearing jeweled ornaments , creating passion , tying her breasts tightly,
Sitting very near me talking sweet nothings , stealing my heart,
Falling on me as if she has lost their senses, telling lies,
And with her only aim as attracting others,
Does service to your pure lotus like feet , would there be problems?
Oh God from the town of prosperous Kadayur full of bees,
Which have drunk honey from the lotus flowers and rotate like,
The coins rotating in the hands of women playing the game,
Oh Lord who killed the God of death.

10.Cheyal pani vidayay cheppal iynthu ezhuthay, thirithale valam purithalumy,
Chinthayin ninaive dhyanamy , undu thevittal nivedhana chirappay,
Thuyiral vandhanayay ,thiru ulkathu uvanthu thullu vel vidai mel yeri,
Thondarum visumbil andarum kana thogayodu yenakku vandhu arulvay.
Vayal varambu uraitha kadaisiyar mukhathai mathiyam yendru athisayam migundhu,
Varum pakal idathum iravinum kuvalai vaay odungamale vilangum,
Kayal nedum thadamum kamukamum kamukai kattiya kannalum podhintha,
Kana valam chirantha kadavai ampathiyay , Kalanai kayntha tharparane.

Consider my actions as service to you , Consider my words as Panchakshara ,
Consider my wanderings as perambulations round you, my thought process as meditation,
Consider the food that I eat as the sacred offerings to you and consider my sleep as a salute to you,
And receive them with joy in your holy heart and shower your grace on me along with mother,
In the presence of all devotees of this world and devas of heaven.
Oh God from the prosperous town of Kadayur where the blue lotus flowers,.
Always stand straight thinking the face of the women laborers in the field,
As the Sun due to the brilliance of their faces and which is full of,
Ponds which are full of fishes, areca nut trees and Sugarcane as tall as those trees,
Oh Lord who killed the God of death.

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