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A Kalpa is equal to 4.32 billion siderial years.

Calculating the length of a Kalpa[edit]

one Chatur Yuga = 4,320,000 sidereal years
one Krita Yuga = 1,728,000 sidereal years
one Manu = 71 Chatur-Yugas + 1 Krita Yuga
= 308,448,000 sidereal years
one Kalpa = 14 Manus + 1 Krita Yuga
= 4,320,000,000 sidereal years

Brahma's Lifespan[edit]

The entire lifespan of Brahma may be measured thus:

Day of Brahma = 4,320,000 sidereal years
Night of Brahma = 4,320,000 sidereal years
A full day/night cycle = 8,640,000 sidereal years
1 year = 360 days
= 3,110,400,000,000 sidereal years
1 Lifespan = 100 years
= 311,040,000,000,000 sidereal years

After Brahma dies it takes a period of time equal to his lifespan until he is reborn and the cycle starts over.

Fifty years of Brahma's have elapsed, and we are now in the shvetavaraha kalpa of the fifty-first.