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In this book, we analyze the psycho-social consequences faced by Indian American children after exposure to the school textbook discourse on Hinduism and ancient India. We demonstrate that there is an intimate connection—an almost exact correspondence—between James Mill’s colonial-racist discourse (Mill was the head of the British East India Company) and the current school textbook discourse. This racist discourse, camouflaged under the cover of political correctness, produces the same psychological impacts on Indian American children that racism typically causes: shame, inferiority, embarrassment, identity confusion, assimilation, and a phenomenon akin to racelessness, where children dissociate from the traditions and culture of their ancestors.

This book is the result of four years of rigorous research and academic peer-review, reflecting our ongoing commitment at Hindupedia to challenge the representation of Hindu Dharma within academia.

Karya Sidhi Malai (Tamil)

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Karya Sidhi malai
(The garland for achieving results)

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(Here is a great prayer addressed to Lord Ganapathi in Tamil. Reading it would help us achieve results in our endeavors. This tamil prayer is very popular among Tamils of Singapore and Malaysia. The prayer in Tamil script is given in )

1.Bandham agathum anantha guna parappum yevanm pal udhikkumo,
Yenda ulagum yevanidathil yeendi irundhu surakkumo,
Chanda marai aagama kalaigl anaithum yevan pal thaga varumo,
Andha irayaam ganapathiyai , anbu koora thozhukindrom.

We salute with love that God Ganapathi,
From whom rises the endless qualities,
That completely cuts away all attachments,
To whom all the worlds submit themselves and prosper,
And with whom the Vedas, the meters , rituals of worship ,
And all arts rush to be always with him.

2.Ulagam muzhudum neekamara ondray nirkkum porul yeva avv-,
Ulagil pirakkum vigarangal uraatha melaam oliyaavan,
Ulagam puriyum vinai ppayanai ootungalaikkan yevan antha,
Ulaga mudhalana ganapathiyai uvanthu saran adaikirom.

We happily surrender to that primeval God Ganapathi,
Who is the one thing that stands all over the world without exception,
Who is the great light that is not tainted by the emotions of the world,
And who removes all the results of fate fed by this world.

3.idargal muzhudham yevan arulal , yeri veezhum panju yen maayum,
Thodarum uyirgal yevan arulal , surar vaazh pathiyum ura cheyyum,
Kadavul mudhalor kkooru indri karumam yevanal mudivu urum ath-
Thadavu maruppu Ganapathi pon Charanam saranam adaikindrom.

We surrender to the golden feet of Ganapathi who removes obstacles,
Who removes all problems like a fire falling on cotton,
Who makes the souls in the chain of birth live in the world of devas,
And who helps us complete all jobs without causing problems to Gods.

4.Moorthiyagi thalamagi munneer gangai mudalana ,
Theertham aagi, arindhariyadha thirathinaalum uyirkku nalam,
Aarthi naalum ariyamai agathi arivippanyevan ap por,
Karunai ganapathiyai pugazhndhu saranam adaikindrom.

We surrender after singing about him to the Ganapathy,
Who was merciful in war, who has become an idol and a pilgrimage centre ,
Who has become sacred waters like the very great ganges,
And would tell us due to the ability that can understand or not understand,
To become comfortable to the soul and completely remove ignorance.

5.Cheyyum vinayin mudal yavan , cheyyapadum porul yavan,
Iyam indri ulathagum , andha karuma ppayan yavan,
Uyyum vinayin payan vilaivil ooti viduppan yevan anda-
Poyyil irayai ganapthiyai purindhu saranam adaikindrom.

We would surrender after understanding him as God to that Ganapathuy,
Who is the result of actions done, who is meaning of things done ,
And without any doubt the result of the actions done that exists,
And after giving us the result of Karma , he releases us.

6.Vedam alandhum arivariya vikirthan yavan vizhuthagaya,
Veda mudivil nadam navilum vimalan yavan vilangu para,
Nada mudivil veethu irukkum nadan yevan yen gunan yevan ap,
Poda mudalai Ganapathiyai pugazhndu saranam adaikindrom..

Then on we would sing the praises and surrender to that Ganapathy,
Who is the model of beauty who is not understood even after mastery of Vedas,
Who at the end of Vedas which would happen , would be the pure one who dances,
Who is the Lord sitting when the sound of all beings come to an end, who has eight qualities.

7.Mannin oor ai iyngunam aagi vathivaan yevan neer idai naanganay ,
Nanni amarvan yevan theeyin moondray navilvan yevan valiyin,
Yennum irandu gunamagi iyaivana yevan vanidai ondram,
Annal yevan akkanapathiyi anbir saranam adaikindrom.

Oh God , we surrender with love to that Ganapathi,
Whose Form has the five qualities of the earth,
Who becomes four parted one and sits in water,
Who would tell about three in the fire and become two in the air,,
And he would assume one single form in the sky.
( I am not able to understand the interpretation of this)

8.Pasa arivil pasu arivil , patharkku ariya paran yaavan,
Pasa arivum pasu ariyum payila panikkum avan yavan,
Pasa arivum pasu arivum pothi melaam arivaan,
Desan avan akkanapathiyai thigazha saranam adaikindrom.

WE surrender to that Ganapathi who is the divine one,
Difficult to attain with wisdom of beings and wisdom tinged with desire,
Who is the one who asks us to learn wisdom of beings and wisdom tinged with desire,
So that he would appreciate wisdom of beings and wisdom tinged with desire ,
And lead us to that knowledge which will take us to greater heights.

Noor Payan
(Use of the book)

9.Indha namathu thothirathai yavan moondru dinam mummaich,
Chandhigalil thothiram cheyyinum sakala karuma sidhi perum,
Chinthai magizha sukham perum yen dinam ucharikkin ,
Chathurthiyidai bandam akala or yen kaal padikkil atta sidhi yurm.

He who reads this prayer of mine for three days at dawn, noon and dusk,
Would get victory and success in all that he undertakes,
If this is read for eight days, his mind would be filled with joy from pleasures,
And if this is read eight times on Chathurthi with concentration,
That person would get the eight different type of occult powers.

10.Thingal irandu dinam thorum thigazha oru pan murai odhil,
Thangum arasa vasiyamaam thayanga irupathioru muraimai,
Pongum uzhuvzlaal kilapin poruvin maindhar vizhu kalvi,
Thunga verukkai muzhudhar palavum thondrum yen cheppinar maraindhar,

If this is read for two months , every day reading it ten times,
The king would come under your control and if it is,
Read twenty one times for two months daily , he would get,
Incomparable wealth of children , great wisdom and
Several forms of great wealth , said Ganapathi and vanished.