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From Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

By Swami Harshananda

Kuśāsana literally means ‘seat of kuśa grass’.

A conducive external atmosphere is equally necessary as internal conditions like the health of the body and a peaceful mind for good meditation. A level and clean place, away from all sources of noise and disturbance is a must.[1] Sitting posture is the most comfortable one.[2] For this, a good seat is necessary.

The Bhagavadgitā[3] recommends a seat comprising the kuśa grass, the deerskin and a cotton cloth spread one over the other in that order. The first one is called kuśāsana, a seat made of kuśa grass.[4] Nowadays, kuśāsanas made of kuśa grass woven like a small mat are available in the market.

Since the kuśa grass is considered holy and is closely associated with religious rites and ceremonies, the kuśāsana is recommended for meditation and religious ceremonies.


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