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In this book, we analyze the psycho-social consequences faced by Indian American children after exposure to the school textbook discourse on Hinduism and ancient India. We demonstrate that there is an intimate connection—an almost exact correspondence—between James Mill’s colonial-racist discourse (Mill was the head of the British East India Company) and the current school textbook discourse. This racist discourse, camouflaged under the cover of political correctness, produces the same psychological impacts on Indian American children that racism typically causes: shame, inferiority, embarrassment, identity confusion, assimilation, and a phenomenon akin to racelessness, where children dissociate from the traditions and culture of their ancestors.

This book is the result of four years of rigorous research and academic peer-review, reflecting our ongoing commitment at Hindupedia to challenge the representation of Hindu Dharma within academia.

Lalitha Nava Rathna Malai(Tamil)

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By Sri Guru Haridas Giri Swamigal

Translated By P.R.Ramachander

The garland of nine gems to Lalitha. This is a very moving prayer to Goddess Lalitha. It is divided in to nine sections and each sections gets its name from one of the nine precious gems. Though in some of the stanzas, the name of the gem occurs, in others, the name of the gem is not used as its name but is split in to two and while singing, you will hear the name of the gem.

Gyana ganesha saranam saranam
Gyana skandha saranam saranam
Gyana sathguru saranam saranam
Gyanaanandaa saranam saranam

I surrender, surrender to you Ganesa with divine wisdom,
I surrender, surrender to you Subrahmanya with divine wisdom,
I surrender, surrender to you holy guru with divine wisdom,
I surrender, surrender to Gyanananda.

Kaappu (Protection)[edit]

Aakkum thozhil aingaranatra
Pookkum nagaiyaal bhuvanesvari paal
Serkum Gana Nayaka Varaname
Matha Jaya Om Lalithambikai

When the five handed one does the job of creation,
Oh Elephant who is the chief of the Ganas,
You would see that this garland with nine gems,
Reaches the mother of the universe,
Who has a smile like a pretty flower,
Victory to mother Lalithambika.

Vairam (Diamond)[edit]

Katrum theliyaar kaade gathiyai
Kan moodi nedung kanavaana thavam
Petrum theliyaar nilai yennil avam
Perugum pizhaiyen pesaththagumo
Patrum vayira padaival vayirap
Paghaivarkku emanaga yeduththavaley
Vatraadha arut chunaiye varuvai
Matha jaya om lalithaam bhigaiye

When the very learned ones are not clear about it,
When those who close their eyes and do long penance,
Are also not clear, how am I whose wrong doings are ebbing out,
Suitable to speak about her, who holding a diamond sword,
Becomes a god of death to her enemies,
Please come oh never drying spring of mercy,
Victory to mother Lalithambika.


Moolakkanale saranam saranam
Mudiyaa muthale saranam saranam
Kolak kiliye saranam saranam
Kundraada oli kuvaiye saranam
Neelath thirumeniyiley ninaivai
Ninaivatreliyen nindren
Vaalai kkumari varuvai varuvai
Matha jaya om lalithaam bhigaye

I surrender, surrender to the original fire,
I surrender, surrender to the ever lasting first one,
I surrender, surrender to the pretty decorated parrot,
I surrender, surrender to the non dimming light,
With the thought based on your blue body,
This poor being stood there, please shower your grace.
Come, come oh pretty lass,
Victory to mother Lalithambika.

Muthu (pearl)[edit]

Muththevarum muththozhil atridavey
Mun nindru arulum muthalvee saranam
Viththey vilaivey saranam saranam
Vedaantha nivasiniye saranam
Thaththeyriya naan thanayan thaai nee
Sakaadha varam tharavey varuvai
Maththeru dhadik kinai vaazh vadaiyen
Matha jaya om lalithaam bhighaye

I surrender to the primeval one, who stands,
In front and blesses the holy trinity who does their three tasks,
I surrender to her who is the seed as well as the harvested produce,
I surrender to her who lives in end of the Vedas,
I who have lost my senses is the son and you the mother,
Please come and give deathlessness,
To me who is like the rope that churns the curd,
And which can never ever change
Victory to mother Lalithambika.

Pavazham (coral)[edit]

Andhi mayangiya vana vithaanam
Annai nadam seyyum anandha medai,
Sindhai niramba valam pozhivaro
Thempozhilaam ithu cheidhavaLaaro
Yendha idaththum manaththul iruppaal
Yennupavavarku aruL yennam mikundhal
Mandira veda maya porul aanaal
Matha jaya om lalithaam bhighaye

The sky after the onset of dusk,
Is the joyful stage where the mother dances,
Will she bless me with wisdom to fill my thoughts,
And who is it that caused this rain of honey?
She is in our mind wherever we are,
And she showers her grace on those who think about her,
And she is the one who pervades all the mantras and Vedas,
Victory to mother Lalithambika.

Manikkam (Star Ruby)[edit]

Kaana kidaiyaa gathiyanavaley
Karudha kkidaiya kalaiyanavaley
Poona kkidaiya polivanavaley
Punaiya kidaiyaa pudaumaithavale
Naani thirunaamum nin thudiyum
Navilathavarai nadaathavaley
Maanikka oli kadirey varuvai
Matha jaya om lalithambhigaiye

She who is the goal that cannot be seen,
She who is the arts that cannot be imagined,
She who is the beauty that no one has,
She who is the newness that cannot be essayed,
She who does not go near those who due to shyness
Do not recite, her name and prayers
Oh sparkle of star ruby, please come,
Victory to mother Lalithambika.

Maraghadam (Emerald)[edit]

Maragadha vadive saranam saranam
Mathuritha padame saranam saranam
Surapathi paniya thigazhvai saranam
Sruthi jathi layame isaiye saranam
Hara hara shiva yendradiyavar kuzhuma
Avararul pera arulamuthey saranam
Varanava nidhiye saranam saranam
Matha jaya om lalithaam bhigaye

I surrender to her who is the form of the emerald,
I surrender to her who is the sweet destination,
I surrender to her who is saluted by king of devas,
I surrender to her who is music and mingling of dance and sound,
I surrender to her who When the devotees gather saying
“Hara, Hara Shiva”, blesses them to get his grace
I surrender to her who is the new divine treasure,
Victory to mother Lalithambika.

Komedhagam (Zircon)[edit]

Poo meviya naan puriyum seyalgal
Pondraathu payan kundraa varamum
Thee mel idinum jaya sakthiyena
Thidamaai adiyen mozhiyum thiranum
Komethagame kulir vaan nilavey
Kuzhal vaai mozhiye tharuvai tharuvai
Maameruviley valar kokilamey
Matha jaya om lalithambighaye

The acts of devotion done by me are,
Not sufficient, still give and give me endless boons,
And also the power of shouting “Victory to you goddess”,
Even if I am put up on a glowing fire,
Oh gem like the Zircon, Oh cool moon of the sky,
Oh music of the flute, oh Cuckoo of the mount Meru,
Victory to mother Lalithambika.

Padhmaragham (Sapphire)[edit]

Ranjini nandhini angani padhuma
Raagha vilaasa viyaapini ambha
Chanchala roga nivarini vaani
Saambhavi Chandra kaladhari rani
Anjana meni alankrutha poorani
Amrutha swaroopini nithiya kalyaani
Manjula meru sringha nivaasini
Matha jaya om lalithambhigaiye

Goddess who makes peace, who has divine bliss,
Who has pretty limbs, who extends everywhere,
Who is the shine of sapphire, who is the mother,
Who cures the disease of indecision, Who is Saraswathi
Who is the consort of Shiva, who is the queen who wears the crescent,
Who has a completely decorated black body,
Who is the form of nectar, who is forever good,
And who lives on the peak of pretty Meru mountain,
Victory to mother Lalithambika.

Vaidhooryam (Cat’s eye)[edit]

Valaiyotha vinai kalaiyotha manam
Marula paraiyaa oli yothavidaal
Nilaiyatru eliyen mudiya thaghumo
NighaLam thugaLaaga varam tharuvai
Alaiyatru asaivartru anubhoothi perum
Adiyaar mudivaazh vaidhooriyamey
Malayaththuvasan magaley varuvai
Matha jaya om lalithaam bhigaye

Due to the net like fate and a crescent like changing mind,
And also due to fear of all that one hears from any sound,
Should the poor me be completely destroyed,
Please give me a boon that destroys all my desires,
Oh gem of cat’s eye which is always there,
On the head of devotees who pray without movement and desires,
Oh daughter of Malayadwaja pandya, please come,
Victory to mother Lalithambika.

Payan (Benefit)[edit]

Yevar yethinamum isaivai Laitha,
Nava rathina malai navindriduvaar,
Avar arputha sakthi yellam adaivar,
Siva rathinamay thigazvar avare,
Matha jaya om Laithabikaye (4 times)

All those who read “the nine gem garland to Lalitha”
With willingness and desire daily without fail,
Without any doubt will attain all occult powers,
And they would shine like the Shiva Gem,

Victory to mother Lalithambika.
Victory to mother Lalithambika.
Victory to mother Lalithambika.
Victory to mother Lalithambika.

Jaya shiva ramani, Guru guha janani,
Jaya mana vana haranee, Jaya om Sri Matha,
Matha jaya om sri matha, matha
Jaya jaya Sri matha.

Victory to her who pleases Shiva,
Victory to mother of Subrahmanya,
Victory to her who steals the forest of the mind,
Victory to mother, Om victory to mother,
Victory, victory to mother.