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In this book, we analyze the psycho-social consequences faced by Indian American children after exposure to the school textbook discourse on Hinduism and ancient India. We demonstrate that there is an intimate connection—an almost exact correspondence—between James Mill’s colonial-racist discourse (Mill was the head of the British East India Company) and the current school textbook discourse. This racist discourse, camouflaged under the cover of political correctness, produces the same psychological impacts on Indian American children that racism typically causes: shame, inferiority, embarrassment, identity confusion, assimilation, and a phenomenon akin to racelessness, where children dissociate from the traditions and culture of their ancestors.

This book is the result of four years of rigorous research and academic peer-review, reflecting our ongoing commitment at Hindupedia to challenge the representation of Hindu Dharma within academia.

Mangadu Kamakshi Aaru vara padalgal-II (Tamil)

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Translated By P.R.Ramachander

The six week prayer songs of Mangadu. This pooja is usually performed on 6 consecutive Tuesdays. You need to take a lemon ( clear of any spots), keep kumkum dots all around and place it at the altar, light diyas and recite the Mangaadu Kamakshi Aaru Vaara Padal. You need to recite 1 Paadal every week, so you start off with the 1st paadal on the 1st Tuesday and finish the pooja with the 6th paadal on the 6th Tuesday. Replace the lemon every week with a fresh one. Immerse the used lemon ( lemon kept in the puja in the previous week) in the waters. The used lemon is not supposed to be consumed. For naivedyam every week, milk and sugar as a minimum is required. You may use kalkand( sugar candy) or raisins etc.

This puja is supposed to be very powerful and is good for prosperity, health, marriage, peace and happiness. In the temple at Mangaadu, this pooja is performed with 2 lemons, wherein, they return 1 lemon and keep the other lemon in the pooja. So if you are undertaking the pooja in the temple, you are required to go there with 2 lemons on consecutive Tuesdays.

Prayer to Ganesa[edit]

Anai Mukhane, Panai Vayithone, Aadhi Kamakshiyin Pugazh pada, Vandhu arul cheyvay Iyngarane Un Chevadi saranam saranam

Oh God with elephant face, Oh god with pot like belly, Oh Five handed god, come and shower your grace, For singing the fame of primeval Kamakshi, I surender, surrender at your feet.

First week song[edit]

Annai Parashakthiye, aadhi Kamakshiye,
Andam yellam uyyave, Aram valarkkum ammaye

Oh mother who is the divine power, Oh primeval Kamakshi,
Oh mother who showers her grace to save all the world.


1.Deviye thozhuthiduven nithame unnaye,
Pavi yena igazhamal chey thannai kathiduvay,
Sokathai theerthu vaippay Sridharan Thangaye,
Thekka nilai neeki thelivinai thanthiduvay (Annai)

I would salute you daily, Oh Goddess,
Protect this baby without scolding that he is a sinner,
Oh sister of Sridhara, please put an end to my sorrows,
And remove this confused state and bring clarity in me.

2.Iru moonru varangal un sannidhi vanthiduven,
Unnai vanangiduven, Un aasi pethiduven,
aanai mukhan thaye, aaruthal kooriduvay,
Veenana kavalaigal viratti agathiduvay (Annai..)

I would come to your temple twice three times,
And salute you and get your blessings,
Oh mother of elephant faced god, please console me,
And drive away unnecessary worries from me.

3.Maangattu thayare, malaya thuvachan Makale,
Manam irangi vanthiduvay, magan kurayai neekiduvay,
Venduthal Vendamai yenakkedhu vendru nee arivay,
Vendatha pazhigal yavum athanayum pokkiduvay (annai...)

Oh mother of Mangadu, Oh daughter of Malaya dwaja Pandya,
Come taking pity on me and remove the problems of your son,
You well know what I need and what I do’nt,
Please remove all unwanted insinutaions of mine.

Second week song[edit]


Om Shakthi endru naan cholli vanangiduven,
Amudheesar orupakkam akaladhe devi,
Oru kalai oondriye, maru kalai madithu,
Neruppile thavamirukkum ninmaliye saranam (Om Shakthi..)

I would salute you saying “Om Shakthi”,
Oh Goddess who does not move from side of Lord Shiva,
You did peanance on fire on one leg,
Folding the other leg and I surrender to you.


1.Irandaam varamamma iswariye Thaye,
Thiranda un bhakthargalil yenakkor idam kodamma,
Sooradho soorargalum unakku adimayamma,
Narayanan thangaye, nalamarula varuvai (Om Shakthi..)

Oh Mother, Oh Goddess, this is the second week,
Please give me a place among your devotees.
Even the people of greatest valour are your slaves,
Oh sister of Narayana, please come to do good

2.Mangattu pathiyile Mamara Kattile,
Mathavam cheythidum Malayarasan Magale,
Yelmicham kaniyinaal, yen vinai theerpay,
Malayanum theda nindra maaheswariye arulvay (Om Shakthi..)

Oh daughter of the king of mountain who is doing great penance
In the town of Mangadu, in the garden of mango,
Who solves my problems through a fruit of lime,
Oh Greatest Goddess who was searched by Lord Shiva, please shower your grace.

3.Velavanukku annaiyale, vendiya varam tharuvay,
Palamudhu kondai, bhakthargalai kathidave,
Thiri soolam kai konday, veera Maakali,
Parinil un maganum vazha vazhi cheyvay (Om Shakthi..)

Oh mother of Subrahmnya, please give me boons that I want,
You took milk and rice to save your devotees,
you took the trident, Oh valorous great Kali,
And please make way so that your son lives on earth.

Third week song[edit]


Kamakshi deviye kanivay mozhiyalle, kadai kkan paramma,
Pamalai kondu patha malargalai vanginen Amma,
Adharam ondrillen Pethayenudayua Vedanai theeramma,
Vedam nangilum uraipavale, bedam theerkkum guna nidhiye. (Kamakshi…)

Oh Goddess Kamakshi who speaks softly, throw a glance at me,
I saluted your feet with the flower of these poems.
I am without any foundation and please remove the pain of this idiot,
Oh Goddess who lives in the four Vedas, Oh great one who removes all differences


1.Yengum podintha vindhu nadhame, soothu yedum anugamal kathiduvay,
Pangaka arul cheyyum parvathiye, Bhakthan mana kuari theeramma,
Sangu chakkarathan sodhariye, un sodhanayai thangum thiramillai,
Pangamilla arivodu padam thozhavum, karunai vizhiyal paramma. (Kamakshi..)

Oh Primeval sound which is filled everywhere, please protect me from deceits,
Oh Parvathi who showers her grace nicely, Cure the wants of the mind of this devote,
Oh Goddess who is sister of Lord Vishnu, I do not have power to withstand your tests,
Please see me with your merciful eyes when I salute you with unbroken knowledge.

2.Moondram varam vara cheythay, un cheygai yendru unarnthen,
Nandra vayai udaya pillai ganapathiyum, mun nirka kanden,
Then mozhiyal Valli, Devendran magal Knjari manalanum, magizha kanden,
Kanakathil ura deivangal thalaivan maal aran cheyum Arula kanden. (Kamakshi…)

You made me come this third week, I realized that it is your wish,
I saw Lord Ganapathi with elephants mouth standing in front,
I saw Lord Subrahmanya who is the husband of Valli with honey voice
And the daughter of Devendra becoming happy,
And I saw the lord of the forests who is son of Shiva and Lord Vishnu blessing all of us.

Song of the fourth week[edit]

Mupathi irandu arangal valakkum Kamakshiye saranam,
Moovarkkum yavarkkum mudalay nindra moola manonmani Saranam,
Un kovil naadi odi varum anbar ayiram ayiram Amma,
Unnaye saranam yenbhavar vinai thaan podi podiyay vidum amma. (Mupathi irandu...)

I surrender to Kamakshi who supports thirty two diferent Dharmas,
I surrender to the original gem of the mind who was before the trinity as well all others,
Oh mother, the devotees rushing towards your temple are in thousands,
And the problems of those saying “I surrender to you”, would become pulverized.


1.Kilyai karathl konda thaye, yen kiliyai neeki aruliduvay,
Kadai vizhiyal yennai paarthal podum kadayen uynthiduven,
Akkiniyile thavamirukkum devi adiyen padumthuyar kalaivay,
Ikkanam vandu pillayai anaithu aaruthal mozhi cholvay.. (Mupathi...)

O mother, who holds the parrot, drive away all my fears,
It is suffecient if you see me by the tip of your eye and this basest one would win,
Oh Goddess who did penance in the fire, please remove the sorrows that I under go,
Come immediately, hug your son and then consile him.

2.Kanchi chellumun Mangadu Vandhu Kadu m thavam cheytha Devi,
Oin Agama vidhipadi poojaikal cheythu, eesan arul petha thaye,
Nangam varam paangaka vandu isayudan pada cheythay,
Theengethum varamal kathida vendum, dheena dayabari. (Mupathi irandu)

Oh Goddess who did penance in Mangadu before going to Kanchi,
And then got the grace of the God by worshipping him according to rules,
You have made me sing this well onthe fourth week.
Please protect me from getting in to any danger.

The song of the fifth week[edit]


Oru kayil kiliyudan nindralamma aval,
Guruvena yenakkarul cheythalamma,
Perumaikal yauvm thanthalamma, yen,
Cherukkinai azhithu Aandukondalamma (Oru kayil)

She stood, with a parrot in one hand,
As a teacher she showered her grace on me,
She blessed me with all important aspects,
And she destroyed my pride and ruled over me.


1.Maru Kayil karumbudan chirithalamma, yen,
Chirumaigal anaithum vilagithamma,
Cheerum pambai anithalamma aval,
Veeru kondu kodiyavarai azhithalamma (Oru kayil)

In the other hand she held a sugar cane,
And all my base qualities disappeared,
She wore the screeching snake,
And with great form she destroyed all the bad ones

2.Anjaam vaaram vandu arathugiren, kadal,
Nanjunda kandan Nayagiye,
Thanjamena un padam panithenamma ini,
Kenjum nilai piraridam illayamma (Oru kayil)

I have come the fifth week and am prattling,
Oh consort of the God who swallowed poison of the sea,
I have saluted your feet saying, “I surrender”,
I do not have any need to beg with any others.

3.Bhayamini unakken endralamma, ini,
Jayajayam yendr u uraithalamma,
Uyirgal yaavum eendral yen arulal yaman,
Kayiru yennai pinaikkudamma (Oru kayil)

Mother you asked me, “Why fear for you now?”,
And she again told “From now on it is only victory.”
Due to the grace of her who gave birth to all souls,
The rope of Yama will not tie me.

Sixth week song[edit]


Mangattil thavamirujjum Devi, Umadevi, Aanadavalli,
Iyangaranai eendravale, thaye, Aadhi shakthi, Para Shakthi,
Angayil pasangusam kondu Karumbu villum nee cherthay,
Thangu thadai innumenna thaye, yenakkarula Odi varuvay. (Mangattil)

Oh Goddess who did penance in the forest of mangoes,
Oh Goddess, Oh Goddess Uma, Oh Goddess of joy,
Oh mother of the five handed god, Oh Mother,
Oh Primeval power, Oh divine power,
With rope and Goad with you, you collected sugarcane bow also,
What is the need for breaks now mother as you would come running to bless me.


1.Palodu pazham kondu vanthen, trisooli bhagawathiye,
Nalodu irandin vaaram vanangukindren nin arulaal,
Aaruthalum, theruthalum koori, pathinaru perugal yavum,
Pethu vazha vazhigalum cheythu arul mazhai thaan pozhivayamma. (Mangattil)

Along with milk I have also brought fruits, Oh Goddess with a trident,
By your grace I am saluting you for four plus two weeks,
Oh mother tell consolation and encourgement, shower your grace so that,
I would be able to get the sixteen blessings and live happily.

2.Kutham yedu iruppinum, amma poruppadhu un kadanamma,
Chethram nee kondayaanaal, thangum shakthi yevarkkum undo,
Mathram yen vazhkayil vandhadu Maheswariye un arulaal,
Kootham pol vandha thunbam, ponathu sooriyani kanda pani pol. (Mangattil..)

Whatever may be my faults, it is your duty to pardon them,
For if you get angry, is there any one who can bear it.
Oh great goddess, change came in my life due to your blessing,
The sorrows that came like death, vanished like the snow before the Sun.

3.Adiyargal anaivarayum Amma neyaga unarnden Amma,
Kadina chol yethumindri thaye palai bhaktharkku koduthiduven,
Venduthal niraivethi vaippay Annai Kamakshi Karunakariye,
Veen pozhuthu ini melum illai, unnai vananguvathe yen velai Amma.

I realised mother that all devotees, are you yourself mother,
Without any harsh words, I would give this milk to devotees,
Please fulfill my requests, Oh Mother Kamaksi, Of doer of mercy,
I do not have any useless time now as my job is to worship you always.