Morning prayer to Venkatesa

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Translated by P. R. Ramachander

The Lord of Thirupathi. He along with his two consorts Padmavathi and Bhoodevi resides at the top of the Tirumala hill. He is also called Balaji, Ezhumalayan, Malayappa Swami etc.

Srimad krupa jala nidhe sritha sarva loka,
Sarvagna, shaktha, nadavatsala, sarva seshin,
Swamin, Susheela, Sulabhasritha Paarijatha,
Sri Venkatesa charanow saranam prapadhye.

I fall at the feel of Lord Venkatesa,
Who is the river of mercy,
Who takes care of all the world,
Who is all knowing,
Who is dear to his devotees,
Who is universally able,
Who is store house of good qualities,
And who is the divine flower which can be attained easily,