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Pazhavangady Maha Ganapathy Temple

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By P.R.Ramachander

Pazhavangadi Maha Ganapathi Temple is one of the most famous Lord Ganesh temples in Kerala, situated at East Fort, Thiruvananthapuram. Located in the heart of Trivandrum city, the original idol of the Pazhavangadi Ganapathy Temple is a small idol of Lord Ganesh, with the right leg is in folded posture.

Other deities worshipped at Pazhavangadi Maha Ganapati Temple are Lord Ayyappa, Goddess Durga, Nagaraja, and Brahmarakshas. Devotees can also see beautiful paintings of the 32 forms of Lord Ganesh inside the temple complex.

Short History of Pazhavangadi Ganapati Temple[edit]

The original Ganesha idol installed in the temple was worshipped by a soldier of Travancore Army stationed at Padmanabhapuram. In 1795 A.D, when the capital of Travancore was changed to Thiruvananthapuram, the garrison was also shifted and the idol was installed at its present place at Pazhavangati.

Offerings to Lord Ganesh[edit]

The main vazhipadu (offering) of Pazhavangadi Maha Ganapati is the breaking of coconut for removing obstacles and fulfillment of any desire. Ganapathi Homam, Appam, and Modakam are other main offerings to Lord Ganesh.

Temple Festivals[edit]

Vinayaka Chaturthi (Ganesh Chaturthi), Ganesh Jayanthi, Varad Chaturti, and Sankashti Chaturti are the main festivals in Pazhavangadi Maha Ganapathy Temple. Special poojas (pujas) are performed for other festival including Thiruvonam, Vijaya Dasami, Ayilyam, Sahasra Kalasam, Thirkkarththika, Thirvathira, Makara Vilakku, Maha Shivaratri, Vishu, Thriveda Laksharcchana, and Nira Puththari.

Temple Dress Code[edit]

To enter inside the main complex male devotees need to wear Mundu (Veshti or Dothi or Laacha). Any traditional dress code like Saree, Churidar, Salwar Kameez, or Pavadai Chattai is fine for ladies.

How to Reach[edit]

Sree Maha Ganapathy Temple is just 1.5 kms from Trivandrum Central Railway Station and Bus Stand. The nearest City Bus Stand is East Fort (Kizhakkekottah). Thiruvananthapuram International Airport is about 8 km from the Temple.

Temple Address[edit]

Sree Maha Ganapathy Temple,

Pazhavangati, East Fort


Kerala, India Pin- 695 023

Phone - 0471 2461929

Nearby Temples[edit]

Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Attukal Bhagavathy Temple, Sreekanteswara Shiva Temple and Sreevaraham Temple are located nearby.

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