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Pratha Smarana Sthothram

From Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

By Adi Sankara Bhagwat Pada
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Pratha smarami hrudhi samsphuradathma thathwam,
Sathchithsugam paramahamsagathim thureeyam,
Yath swapna jagara sushupthamavaithi nithyam,
Thad brahma nishkalamaham na cha bhootha Sangha., 1

In this morning, I think of the principle of soul,
Which is deeply inlaid in my mind.
That real great truth which is the way of the Soul,
Of the realized ones and is the way of thureeya,
And is greater than being awake, sleep or dream,
And tells the fact that I am that stainless Brahman and not,
The mixture of air, water, fire sky and the earth.

Prathar bhajami cha mano vachasa magamyam,
Vacho vibhaanthi nikhila yadanugrahena,
Yam nethi nethi vachanai nigama avochan,
Tham deva devamachyuthamaahooragryam., 2

I salute that truth which is not reachable by words and mind,
Whose blessing makes all the words shine,.
Which is searched using the words, “This is not it, this is not’,
And leads to the God of gods, Achyutha, and the primeval cause.

Prathar namami thamasa paramarka varnam,
Poornam santhanapadam purushothamakhyam,
Yasminnidham jagadamasesha bhootham,
Rajwam bujangama iva prathibhasitham vai., 3

I salute that knowledge which is as bright as the Sun,
Which is beyond darkness, Which is complete,
Which has an eternal position, Which is as per the order of God,
Which is the source of this world and all its beings,
And on reflection differentiates between a snake and a rope.

Sloka thrayya midham punyam loka thraya vibhooshanam,
Pratha kale padteth yasthu sa gachched paramam padam

These three holy stanzas,
Which are the ornaments for the three worlds,
If recited in the morning,
Would lead he who recites to salvation.