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By Swami Harshananda

Rājarṣi literally means ‘a sagely king’.

Rājarṣi Definition[edit]

A rājarṣi is a king who has risen to the state and stature of a ṛṣi or a sage. He is a person of spiritual wisdom. He has attained that state by dint of severe tapas or austerity.

Qualities for Appellation Rājarṣi[edit]

In ancient India, as a result of the education received in the gurukulas,[1] even the princes were trained to become men of spiritual wisdom. Certain kinds of vidyās[2] like the Pañcāgni Vidyā were the special prerogatives of these rājarṣis. Pañcāgni Vidyā means the ‘the knowledge of the five fires’.[3] were the special prerogatives of these rājarṣis.

Rājarṣis in History[edit]

Some of these rājarṣis were:


  1. Gurukulas were the forest academies run by well-known sages.
  2. Vidyās are the meditations.
  3. Chāndogya Upaniṣad 5.4-9
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