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By Swami Harshananda

Saptarṣis, as per General Belief[edit]

The Saptarṣis or the seven sages are the highly revered figures in our tradition. They have obliged us by revealing spiritual knowledge and wisdom through the Vedic mantras. They are:

  1. Kaśyapa
  2. Atri
  3. Bharadvāja
  4. Viśvāmitra
  5. Gotama
  6. Jamadagni
  7. Vasiṣṭha

Saptarṣis, as per other belief[edit]

According to another tradition, they are:

  1. Marīci
  2. Atri
  3. Aṅgiras
  4. Pulastya
  5. Pulaha
  6. Kratu
  7. Vasiṣṭha


  • The Rsipañcami-vrata is dedicated to honoring the Saptarṣis.
  • The vrata can be performed by men of all the varṇas.[1]
  • Worship can be offered to the images of the sages.
  • Subsisting on vegetables and observing celibacy are very important in this vrata.
  • Freedom from sins and troubles and increase of good fortune are the promised results.
  • Women observing this vṛata are promised good bodily form, beauty, happiness and progeny.
  • It may be observed for seven years.[2]
  • The seven images along with the seven kalaśas should be donated to seven brāhmaṇas.
  • Though it is meant for all, it has somehow become a vrata observed mostly by women.


  1. It is for all practical purposes, castes.
  2. They are Seven Rṣipañcamīs consecutively.
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