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By Swami Harshananda

Sāṅkhāyana, a Sage[edit]

Sāṅkhāyana is an ancient sage. His name is sometimes spelt as or identified with Sāṅkhyāyana also. He belongs to the Bāṣkalaśākhā of the Ṛgveda. He was perhaps known as Suyajña-Sāṅkhāyana too. The Taittirīyaprātiśākhya[1] mentions his name along with that of Kānḍamāyana.

Sāṅkhāyana as per Bhāgavata[edit]

The Bhāgavata mentions one Sāṅkhyāyana as a disciple of Sanatkumāra and who was a paramahariisa himself. He spread the institution of sanyāsa. An Āraṇyaka, a Brāhmaṇa and a Srautasutra have been attributed to his authorship. However, the full text of his Grhyasutras is available now.


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