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In this book, we analyze the psycho-social consequences faced by Indian American children after exposure to the school textbook discourse on Hinduism and ancient India. We demonstrate that there is an intimate connection—an almost exact correspondence—between James Mill’s colonial-racist discourse (Mill was the head of the British East India Company) and the current school textbook discourse. This racist discourse, camouflaged under the cover of political correctness, produces the same psychological impacts on Indian American children that racism typically causes: shame, inferiority, embarrassment, identity confusion, assimilation, and a phenomenon akin to racelessness, where children dissociate from the traditions and culture of their ancestors.

This book is the result of four years of rigorous research and academic peer-review, reflecting our ongoing commitment at Hindupedia to challenge the representation of Hindu Dharma within academia.

SUbrahamanya Sapthakam(Tamil)

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Subramanya Sapthakam

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(I saw this great prayer addressed to Lord Subrahmanya PDF. The name of the prayer is in Sanskrit but the prayer itself is in Tamil. As the title suggests it has seven stnzas.)

1.Kandhane , Kadambane , karuthunil urainthidum,
Karunai vadivana guhane,
Kangalo pannirandu irunthidinum yezhayai kaaka ,
Oru kannum illayo,
Chinthanai muzhuvadhum chitharida vannam ,
Chemmalar padangale,
Saran andru kondunai santhathamk pavinen,
Chevigalil vizhavillayo,
Vandanai cheuthunai vazhthiye naalellam,
Vazhthidum chirumi yennai,
Vaazhave vaippathum velane unakku oru,
Vilayattu cheygai andro ,
Vandenai ikkanam valiya vanthe,
Arula vendiye paninthu nindren,
Valamaana thiruthaniyil vandhu nitham,
Vazhkindra velane , Shakthi magane

Oh Kandha, Oh Kadamba , Oh Guha who remains in my thought in the form of mercy,
Though you have twelve eyes, do you not have even one eye, to protect this poor one,
I always sang about you and told that your red feet are my only support ,
Which occupied my entire thought and split into pieces and did you not hear it?
Oh Vela , is it not a mere play for you to make me live nicely ,
When I a mere girl saluted you and all day long sang your praises
I am humbly standing here saluting and request you to come here,
On your free will and shower your grace on me,
Oh Vela , who comes to the fertile Thiruthani and lives there , Oh Son of Parvathi

2.Yetanai vidhangalil yen appane,
Unnai yaan yeppadi padinaalum,
Yethanai idangalil yen ayyane,
Unai nan yeppadi nokkinaalum,
Yethanai per cholli yen kuraigal yavume ,
Yeduthu naan kadarinaalum,
Yelaamal yennaye innum sodhithu,
Yelli nagaiyadugirai,
Uthaman unnaye oor thunai yendru naan,
Uruthiyai pathi nindren,
Udane un mayil meethu ododi vanthu,
Uru vinaigal yaavum kalaivai,
Pithanin mainthane, bhakthiyai pidathumi,
Pithanayum aandarulvai,
Perumai poli chendhooril pugazh chera oligindra,
Balane Shakthi magane.

Oh God , In spite of my singing you in various great ways,
Oh God, in spite of my seeing you in various places and in various ways,
Oh God, in spite of my calling you by several names and my crying out all my problems,
You keep on testing me without break and laughing at me,
I hold steadfast to you , as my only help as you are a very good God,
And so ride on your peacock and rush over here and remove all my Karma,
Oh Son of a mad God , please show your grace on me because of my devotion,
Oh Lad , who lives in the very famous Thiruchendur , Oh son of Parvathi

3.Gathiyaga un padam karuthinil kondu naan,
Kadhariye azhugindrathum,
KOdumayaam varumayil kumainthu naan,
Unnarulai kooviye thozhugindrathum,
Pathiyana chevigal pannirandil ondrume,
Pathiyaamal iruppatheno,
Padu thuyaram iniyum pada mudiyathappane,
Parthu arul puriguvaye,
Vidhi yanathu yennai vaati vadaithidavum,
Veru ondrom cheyvathariyen,
Vizhigalil neer paruga veezhndhu naan kadaruvathai,
Vedikkai parppathu azhago,
THuthi padi unnaye thozhugindra yen thuyar,
THudaippathu un kadamayandro,
Thooimai cher pazhani thanil thaniyaga thavam konda,
Balane, Shakthi magane.

When I was screaming and crying , keeping your feet in my mind as my only support,
When I was saluting you and calling for your grace, as I am drowned in poverty and sorrow,
Why is it, it is not being heard even in one out of your great twelve ears?
Oh Lord, I cannot continue to suffer with this sorrow from now on and so shower your grace,
Even if fate is making me wilt and kill, I do not know anything else to do now,
Is it proper to see you to see me as one when I am crying with eye full of tears,
Is it not your duty to remove all my sorrows as I sing your prayers and salute you,
Oh God who is doing penance alone in the very pure Pazhani, Oh son of Parvathi

4.Mayavan marugane, Maakali maindhane,
Manthile yendrum vathiyum ,
Mayaasorupiniyum, malayarasan magalumam,
Maashakthi vel kondavaa,
Thooyavan unnai naan dinamume padiyum,
Thiruvulam irangavillayo?
Thuthippathil pizhai yethum irippinum dayavaga,
Poruthu arul thallidaathe,
Nee yenai thallidinum naan unathu padame,
Nambinen naalum ayya,
Nenjamum urugiye neeraga vizhigalil,
Naalellam oda naanum,
Iyanne unnadiigal adaikkalum yena adainthitten,
AAndu arul cheykuvaye,
Azhagana yerakathu amarum guruve , yen,
Annayaam Shakthi magane.

Oh nephew of Lord Vishnu, Oh son of Goddess Kali,
Oh God who received the great weapon “Shakthi” from ,
The goddess who is the daughter of the mountain ,
Oh God Who has a form of illusion and lives in my mind,
Though I have been singing about your pure self daily,
Has not your mind melted?
If there are any mistakes in my prayer,
Please pardon and rule over me and do not forsake me,
For even if you choose to forsake me,
I believe only in your feet, Oh Lord,
With my melted heart raining through my eyes ,
All along the day I have attained your feet , as my only support,
So please rule over me and shower your grace,
Oh teacher who lives in Thiruveragam , Oh son of Shakthi who is my mother.

5.Paar athanil piranthittu pala kashtam than pattu,
Paviyen migavum nondhen,
Parthu arul puriguvayi, Parvathiyin mainthane,
Balane, Karunai Cheyvai,
Perethuvum vendilen, pugazh venden,
Un pada pugal ondru pothum appa,
Pethai naan padum thuyarai purinthu nee,
Arul purinthu paarellam vazha vaippai,
Aar yethum sollidinum athanayum unnadiyin,
Arpanithu amaithi kolven,
Aadaruvu nee yandri aarum yenakku illai yena,
Andre naan kandu konden,
Oor athinil urainthalum ullathil,
Yedrume naan chikka vaithen,
Uyarvana pasha muthir cholai thannil uraigindra,
Oruvane Shakthi magane.

Oh son of Parvathi, Oh Lad,
After being in the earth, I the sinner , underwent lots of sufferings,
And suffered a lot and so please shower your pity on me,
I do not want any name, I do not want any fame,
I need only the support of your feet,
Please understand the sorrow that this innocent one is undergoing,
And then show your grace and make me live all over this world,
Whatever anybody tells me, I would offer all that
Under your feet and become peaceful,
I have found out long back that ,
I do not have any support other than you,
And though you are living in various places, I have snared you in my mind,
Oh Lord who lives in Pazha muthir cholai which is high ,
Oh Son of Goddess Parvathi

6.Ashtama chithigalum andiyun padame,
Adaibavargalukku arula villayo?
Arputhangal palavaga anudhinamum un arulaal,
Akilathil amaivadhillayo,
Kashtame nirainthitta karuma vinai yennum,
Kadalil thalli vittai,
Kadakkum oru thoniyai kakshiyum thandennai,
Kappathu un kadamai ayya,
Dushtananaam sooranai thundu thundakkiya,
DEvargal thuyar theerthavaa,
Thollai vinaigal choozhndhu yennai thollai cheyyamale,
Thaduthu yenai thangi nirpai,
Ishtamai unnai yen idhayathil yendrume,
Yethannan yenai yerpai,
Ilagu pugazh param kundril iru mathar inainthu urayum,
Inbame , Shakthi magane.

Have you not blessed the eight occult powers,
On those who come and surrender at your feet?
Have not several miraculous events occur,
In this world due to your blessing?
You have pushed me in the sea of Karma ,
That is full of troubles,
It is your duty to come before me and save ,
This boat of mine which I am crossing,
Oh God who cut in to pieces the very bad Sura Padma,
And completely removed the sorrow of devas,
Please support me who is surrounded by Karmic problems,
Which surround and trouble me.
Please accept me as the one who with liking,
Kept you in my mind,
Oh divine pleasure , who with his wives stays in Thiruparam kunru ,
Oh Son of Goddess Parvathi

7.Yethanai janmangal yedutheno theriyathu,
I bhoomi thanil Iya,
Ini yethu janamamum yezhaikkillai yena,
Irangi nee arula vendum,
Mukthi nee thara vendi muzhuvathume unnai naan,
Mukkalum nambi vazhven,
Mun pin theriyathu , moovaasai ozhithu naan ,
Mudivinile unnai cherave,
Athane , arut padam andinen, adiyenai,
AAndarul cheyguvaye,
Anubudan yennai nee arvanaithu , iga param,
Irandilum vaazha vaippai,
Pithanaam yeliyenin pithathal illa panuval,
Padum un bhakthar yellam,
Parile cheer pethu pallandu vaazhnthidave,
Pothinen , Shakthi magane

Oh Lord , I do not know how many,
Births I have taken in this world,
You should tell that there are no more births to this poor one,
For obtaining salvation from you , I would completely,
Believe in you in the present , past and future and live.
I do not know the future and the past and I forsook ,
The three type of desires so that I can merge with you in the end,
And Oh Lord, I came near your merciful feet and so,
Please rule over me and shower your grace,
Please hug me with love and make me live well ,
In this world and in the world after death,
I pray that you, let all your devotees who sing,
This mad one’s verse which do not have any babblings,
Would live in this world with all wealth for long,
Oh son of Goddess Parvathi.