Sampoorna Narayaneeya Parayanam

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Parayana Vidhana of Narayaneeyam

It is come to do the full parayanam of Narayaneeyam in a single day. The following procedure is adopted. It is not necessary for a single person to read the entire text. The people who read can be kept changing.

Step 1. Do Sankalpam
Step 2 Read Vishnu Sahasranamam
Step 3 . After every Dasakam do a Karpoora neeranjanam and offer to God naivendyama like fruits/ Sugar Candy/Raisins except in case of the end of the following chapters.

Dasakam 1 Panchamrutham is offered as Naivedhyam
Dasakam 24-25 Panakam
Dasakam 27-28 Ney Payasam
Dasakam 30-31 Nendra pazham
Dasakam 34-35 Chitrannam
Dasakam 37-39 Pal Payasam (Vara Danam i.e offering of Paddy or Whole wheat
With a coin is given to all the audience)
Dasakam 51 All food prepared served on Banana leaf
Dasakam 78-79 Ney Payasam /Kesari/Mysore Pak ( Some people make Cheer Muruku
As well as Paruppu Thengai kutti)
Dasakam 87 Beaten rice over which a piece of Jaggery is kept
Dasakam 100 Chundal