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Saran mein aaye hai hum thumhari

From Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Saran mein aaye hai hum thumhari,
Dhaya karo hey Dhayalu Bhagawan,
Samhalo bigadi dasaa hamari,
Dhaya Karo hey dhayalu Bhagawan

We have come to surrender at your feet,
Oh, merciful God, show us mercy,
Manage the broken times of ours,
Oh, gracious God, deliver us mercy.

Na mum mein bal hein, na hum mein shakthi,
Na hum main sadhan, na hum mein Bhakthi,
Thabhi kahavoge, thaap haari,
Dhaya karo hey Dhayalu Bhagwan.

Neither we have power nor do have strength,
We do not have the materials nor the devotion,
And that is why I am telling, destroyer of pain,
Oh, merciful God, show us mercy.

Jo thum pitha ho, tho ham hain Balak,
Jo thum hein Swami, tho hum hain SEvak,
Jo thum ho takur, Tho hum poojari,
Dhaya karo hey Dhayalu Bhagawan.

If you are the father, I am your child,
If you are the master, Then I am your servant,
If you are my God, I am your priest,
Oh, merciful God, show us mercy.

Pradhan kar dho mahan Shakthi,
Bharo hamare mein jnan Bhakthi,
Thumhare dhar ke hain, hum bhikhari,
Dhaya karo hey dhayalu Bhagc=van.

Give me the very great power,
Please fill me with wisdom and devotion,
When compared to your rate, I am a beggar
Oh, merciful God, show us mercy.