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In this book, we analyze the psycho-social consequences faced by Indian American children after exposure to the school textbook discourse on Hinduism and ancient India. We demonstrate that there is an intimate connection—an almost exact correspondence—between James Mill’s colonial-racist discourse (Mill was the head of the British East India Company) and the current school textbook discourse. This racist discourse, camouflaged under the cover of political correctness, produces the same psychological impacts on Indian American children that racism typically causes: shame, inferiority, embarrassment, identity confusion, assimilation, and a phenomenon akin to racelessness, where children dissociate from the traditions and culture of their ancestors.

This book is the result of four years of rigorous research and academic peer-review, reflecting our ongoing commitment at Hindupedia to challenge the representation of Hindu Dharma within academia.

Saraswathi Chalisa (Hindi)

From Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

Translated By P.R.Ramachander

The forty verse prayer addressed to Saraswathi.

Janak Janani Pad Kamal Raj, Nij Mastak Par Dhaari,
Bandau Maatu Saraswati, Buddhi Bal De Daataari.
Purn Jagat Mein Vyaapt Tav, Mahima Amit Anantu,
Ramsaagar Ke Paap Ko, Maatu Tuhi Ab Hantu.

The feet of the mother and father are ruling the lotus
And I hold it on my head,
I salute the mother Saraswathi, who grants wisdom and strength,
Your power is spread all over the world and is endless and immeasurable,
Oh mother, only you can mitigate all the sins that I have done.

Jay Shri Sakal Buddhi Balaraasi, Jay Sarvagya Amar Avinaasi.
Jay Jay Veenaakar Dhaari, Karati Sadaa Suhans Savaari.

Victory to she who is the strength of wisdom,
Victory to the indestructible god, who knows everything,
Victory to her, who holds Veena in her hand,
Who always travels on a divine swan.

Roop Chaturbhujadhaari Maata, Sakal Vishv Andar Vikhyaata.
Jag Mein Paap Buddhi Jab Hoti, Jabahi Dharm Ki Phiki Jyoti.

Whose form is the four armed mother,
Who is famous all over the world,
In this world when there is a sinful thought,
Then comes the tasteless flame of Dharma.

Tabahi Maatu Le Nij Avataara, Paap Heen Karati Mahi Taara.
Baalmiki Ji jo they Gyaani, Tav Prasaad mahima jan Janie.

Then the mother will take an incarnation,
And she would make us sinless stars,
Through your blessings people knew about,
The great wise sage called Valmiki,

Raamaayan Jo rachey banayi, aadhi kavi padavi ko payi
Kalidaas Jo Bhaye Vikhyaata, Teri Kripaa Drishti Se Maata.

And the Ramayana was written by him,
And he was called the primeval poet.
Oh mother, through your merciful look,
Kalidas became very famous.

Tulasi Sur Aadi Vidvaana, Bhaye Aur Jo Gyaani Nana.
Tinhahi Na Aur Raheu Avalamba, Keval Kripa Aapaki Amba.

Thulasi das and Sur das became wise men,?
And did not have any one else but you to support,
Oh mother this is definitely your mercy.

Karahu Kripa Soi Maatu Bhavaani, Dukhit Din Nij Daasahi Jaani.
Putra Karai Aparaadh Bahuta, Tehi Na dharai Chitt Sundar Maata.

Mercy is shown by her who is mother Bhavani
And this is known and real devotees will know
The son does lot of mistakes,
But you wear a mind that is pretty, mother.

Raakhu Laaj Janani Ab Meri, Vinay Karu Bahu Bhaanti Ghaneri.
Mein Anaath Teri Avalamba, Kripa Karau Jay Jay Jagadamba.

Oh mother now I am keeping this shame of mine,
And humbly salute you in various ways,
I am endlessly dependent on you,
Please show me your mercy, Oh mother of the world.

Madhu Kaitabh Jo Ati Balavaana, Baahuyuddh Vishnu Te Thaana.
Samar Hajaar Paanch Mein Ghora, Phir Bhi Mukh Unase Nahi Mora.

The asuras Madhu and Kadidab were extremely powerful,
And they wrestled with Maha Vishnu till he was tested,
And the horrible war went on for thousands of years,
But still Lord Vishnu was not able to defeat them.

Maatu Sahaay kinhoo Tehi Kaala, Buddhi Viparit nhayee Khalahaala.
Tehi they Mrityu Bhai Khal Keri, Purvahu Maatu Manorath Meri.

Oh mother, At last Lord Vishnu requested for help
And told That I did not do it earlier because of ignorance,
For the death of these brothers has to come by you only,
And I should have expressed this wish to you earlier.

Chand Mund Jo The Vikhyaata, Chhan Mahu Sanhaareu Tehi Maata.
Raktabij Se Samarath Paapi, Sur-Muni Hriday Dhara Sab Kampi.

Within a second in the war, Oh mother you killed,
Chanda and Munda who were very famous warriors,
There was The great sinner called Raktha Bheeja,
And hearing about him, devas and sages shivered with fear.

Kaateu Sir Jim Kadali Khamba, Baar Baar Binavau Jagadamba.
Jag Prasidhdh Jo Shumbh Nishumbha, Chhan Me Badhe Taahi Tu Amba.

And Oh mother cut off his head very easily,
And again and again you did this, Oh mother of universe,
The Shumbh and Nishumbh who were world renowned,
And Oh mother you killed them both within no time.

Bharat-Maatu Budhi Phereu Jaai, Ramachandra Banvaas Karaai.
Ehi Vidhi Raavan Vadh Tum Kinha, Sur Nar Muni Sab Kahu Sukh Dinha.

The mind of the mother of Bharatha was spoiled,
And Sri Ramahandra went and lived in the forest,
And due to this, you made the death of Ravana happen,
And this is being told by all devas, men and sages.

Ko Samarath Tav Yash Gun Gaana, Nigam Anaadi Anant Bakhaana.
Vishnu Rudra Aj Sakahi Na Maari, Jinaki Ho Tum Rakshaakaari.

Without singing your praise none becomes able,
Is the conclusion drawn from time immemorial,
And for this Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva are witness,
For you are the patron who protects them also.

Rakt Dantika Aur Shataakshi, Naam Apaar Hai Daanav Bhakshi.
Durgam Kaaj Dhara Par Kinha, Durga Naam Sakal Jag Linha.

You are called as Rakth Danthika and Sathakshi,
And this was because you ate very many asuras,
To those who take the name of Durga in this world,
There are never any problems in this world.

Durg Aadi Harani Tu Maata, Kripa Karahu Jab Jab Sukhadaata.
Nrip Kopit Jo Maaran Chaahei, Kaanan Mein Ghere Mrig Naahei.

You are the destroyer of difficulties in this world, Oh mother,
Please take mercy on us as and when we need, oh giver of joy.
When the king became angry and wanted to kill,
Or in the Forest where very cruel animals are there,

Saagar Madhy Pot Ke Bhange, Ati Toofaan Nahi Kou Sange.
Bhoot Pret Baadha Yaa Dukh Mein, Ho Daridra Athava Sankat Mein.

Or when one is stranded in the middle of the ocean,
Or when we re caught in a furious cyclone,
Or when we are tortured by devils and ghosts,
Or in poverty or when we are sad,

Naam Jape Mangal Sab Koi, Sanshay Isame Karai Na Koi.
Putrahin Jo Aatur Bhaai, Sabei Chhaandi Puje Ehi Maai.

On Chanting the her names all good would happen,
And there need not be any doubt about his,
For a ll those who do not have sons or if they are in danger,
The only method for all of them is Worship of Chandi.

Karai Path Nit Yah Chaalisa, Hoy Putra Sundar Gun Isa.
Dhupaadik Naivedy Chadhavei, Sankat Rahit Avashy Ho Jaavei.

By reading this forty verse prayer daily,
One would get a pretty son with good character,
By offering incense and Naivedhya to her,
They would definitely get rid of their sorrow.

Bhakti Maatu Ki Karei Hamesha, Nikat Na Aavei Taahi Klesha.
Bandi Path Kare Shat Baara, Bandi Paash Door Ho Saara.

Be always show devotion to mother,
And then problems will never come close to you,
If the imprisoned one reads this seven times,
All the ties binding him will go far away.

Rama Sagar Badhi hethu Bhavani, Keejai Krupa dasa sada nija jani.

The goddess Bhavani is like the Ocean of Rama,
And would always show mercy to her devotes.

Maatu Sooraj Kaanti Tava, Andhakaar Mama Roop,
Dooban Te Raksha Karahu, Paru Na Mein Bhav-Koop.
Bal Buddhi Vidya Dehu Mohi, Sunahu Sarasvati Maatu,
Adham Ramasaagarahi Tum, Aashray Deu Punaatu.

Mother you shine like the Sun God,
And darkness is my real form,
Please save me from drowning,
So that I can cross this well of miseries,
I desire that you give me strength, wisdom and knowledge,
And please hear my prayer, oh mother Saraswathi,
You are the immeasurable ocean of Rama,
And only you can be depended upon to cross it.