Saraswathi Suktham

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Translated by P. R. Ramachander

The Saraswathi Suktha is found in the Rig Veda. Saraswathi is the Goddess of speech, the goddess of knowledge and also one of the holy rivers. She is the consort of Lord Brahma, dresses herself in white, sits on a white lotus and rides on the white swan[1].

Paavakaa na Saraswathi
Vajebhi vajnivathi
Yagnam vasthu dhiyaavasu.

Saraswathi is the purifier,
Giver of plenty and opulent life,
Who is rich in thought and intelligence.

Chodayathri soonruthaanaam,
Chethanthi sumathinaam,
Yajnam dadhe Saraswathi. 

She blesses one with good speech,
She brings good thoughts to mind,
And let her bless this Yagna.(sacrifice)

Maho arnaah Saraswathi,
Prachethayathi kethunaa,
Dhiyo vishva virajethi.

Oh Saraswathi, please awaken the truth in me,
By helping me to perceive the consciousness,
And illuminate my entire thought.

Prano devi saraswathi,
Vajhebhir vajinavathi,
Dhinam avithri avathu. 

Oh Saraswathi, be pleased,
To give me a plenty and opulent life,
And become the protector of our thoughts.


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