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In this book, we analyze the psycho-social consequences faced by Indian American children after exposure to the school textbook discourse on Hinduism and ancient India. We demonstrate that there is an intimate connection—an almost exact correspondence—between James Mill’s colonial-racist discourse (Mill was the head of the British East India Company) and the current school textbook discourse. This racist discourse, camouflaged under the cover of political correctness, produces the same psychological impacts on Indian American children that racism typically causes: shame, inferiority, embarrassment, identity confusion, assimilation, and a phenomenon akin to racelessness, where children dissociate from the traditions and culture of their ancestors.

This book is the result of four years of rigorous research and academic peer-review, reflecting our ongoing commitment at Hindupedia to challenge the representation of Hindu Dharma within academia.

Shiva Puranam (Tamil)

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Shiva Puranam

Saint Manikka vasagar

Translated by

(Manikka Vasagar was one of the four great Nayanmars (saivite saints ) of Tamil Nadu , who was a great poet as well as great contributor to the SAivite philosophy. His collection of works is called Thiruvachakam. Due to the sweetness and greatness of this work, there is a proverb in Tamil which says, “Thiruvasagathukku urugaar , yebbasagathukkum Urugaar”( One who does not melt for Thiruvasagam will not melt for any literary work). The first prayer in THiruvasagam is the Shiva Puranam . It was composed in a Shiva temple called Thiruperum thurai
Unlike suggested by the name it is not the epic dealing with the stories of Shiva . In tamil Jeeva (the individual soul is called “ Cheevaa” . According to the philosophy of Saivism , the jeeva is prevented from the realization of God by three impurities (Anava(pride) , Karma, and Maya) and only approach to Shiva can remove these impurities. This Shiva puranam attempts to portray the jeeva towards Shiva and is aptly called “Shiva Puranam” , The famous English translation of Shiva Puranam by Mr.G.U.Pope (fondly called Popeiyer) is available in G.U.Pope’s translation
There is also a great commentary in Tamil Which includes the Tamil text of this work in and the audio is Audio by Sulamangalam sisters is available in )

Namasivaya vaazhga , Nadan thal vazzhga ,
Imai podum yennenjil neengaadhan thal vazhga.
Kokazhi aanda guru mani than thaal vaazhga,
Agamam aagi nindru annippan vaazhga,
Yekan anegan iraivan adi Vaazhga(1-5)

Long live Namasivaya, Long live the holy feet of our Lord,
Long live the feet of him who does not move away from my mind even for a second.
Long live the feet of my Guru who ruled over Thiruvavaduthurai(Thiruperum thurai ?)*,
Long live the feet of him who became holy books and comes near us,
Long live the feet of the God who was one but appeared as many.
*Shiva temple in Tamil Nadu .
Vegam keduthu aanda vendan adi velga,
Pirapparukkump injakan than pey kazhalgal velga,
Puratharkkum cheyon than poomkazhalgal velga,
Karam kuvivaar ul magizhum kon kazhalgal velga,
Siram kuvivaar onguvikkum cheeron kazhal velga.(6-10)

Let the feet of the God who stabilized my mind be victorious,
Let the valorous anklets of Lord Shiva , who cuts off cycle of birth be victorious
Let the flower like anklets of the God, who is scarce to those who stand away from him be victorious,
Let the anklets of king who happily lives in the mind of those who salute him be victorious,
Let the anklets of that great one who uplifts those who bend their head to him be victorious.

Eesan adi pothi, Yenthai adi pothi,
Nesanadi pothi, Sivan Sevadi pothi,
Neyathey nindra nimalan adi pothi ,
Maya pirappu arukkum mannan adi pothi ,
Cheeraar perum thurai nama devan adi pothi(11-15)

Praise to the feet of God, Praise to the feet of my father,
Praise to the feet of my friend, praise to the red feet of shiva,
Praise to the feet of the pure god who stood in love ,
Praise to the feet of the king who cuts off the illusion called birth,
Praise to the feet of god who is in holy Thiruperumthurai .

Aaratha inbam arulum malai pothi ,
Sivan avan yen sinthayul ninra athanaal ,
Avan arulaale avan thal vanagi ,
Chinthai magizha Siva puranam thanai,
Munthai vinai muzhuthum oya uraippan naan.(16-20)

Praise to the God who gives the never fading joy like a mountain of mercy,
Because that Lord Shiva stood in my thought ,
I would salute his feet by his grace ,
And with a joyful mind recite the Shiva Purana,
So that the entire Karma which I have earned earlier disappears.

Kan nuthalaan than karunai kan kaatta vandeythi,
Yennutharkettaa vezhilaar kazhal irainji ,
Vin nirainthum , man niranthum m ikkai vilakku oiliyaai ,
Yenn iranthu yellai illathaane nin perum cheer ,
Pollaa vinayen pugazhum maru ondru ariyen.(21-25)

I came because the god with an eye in his forehead showed me his eye of mercy,
And stood there saluting the anklet , whose prettiness is beyond the reach of the mind ,
And oh God who filled the sky and the earth , and who is being seen as a glittering light ,
Oh God who is beyond all limitations of barrier , I who am one with a bad karma ,
And do not know the ways to praise your great qualities

Pullagi, poodai puzhuvai maramaki,
Pala virugamagi pravayai , pambaki ,
Kallai , manitharai peyai , ganangalai ,
Val asuraragi , munivaraai , devaraai ,
Chellaaa nindra , ithathavara jangamathukkul ,
Yella pirappum piranthu ,ilaithen, yem perumaane.(26-31)

Oh lord by becoming grass, small plants , worms , trees ,
Several types of animals , birds , snakes ,
Stone , human beings , ghosts , different types of devils,
Strong asuras , sages devas ,
And I traveled all over this spectrum of moving and not moving things ,
And took all types of births and became tired.

Meyye Un ponnadikal kandu indru veedu uthen,
Uyya yen ullathul ongaramai nindra ,
Meyya , vimala , vidaipaka , vedangal ,
Iyya yena vongi aazhndu agandra nunniyane (32-35)

Truly I have attained salvation seeing your golden feet,
Oh God, who stood as letter “Om”, in my mind so that I would be saved,
Oh truth, oh purity , Oh Lord who rides on a bull,
Oh God whom Vedas called “Oh Lord”, with great surprise ,
And tried to see you as taller, higher deeper though you are smaller than the small.

Veyyayai, thaniyaai , iyamaananaam vimalaa,
Poi aayin yellam poi akala vandharuli ,
Mei jnanam aagi milirgindra mei chudare ,
Yejjanam illathen inba perumale ,
Agjnan thannai agalvikkum nal arrive. (36-40)

Oh divinely pure Lord who is heat , cold as well as life ,
You came and showered your grace so that all lies are banished,
And shined as knowledge of the divine , Oh light of truth ,
Oh God of sweetness to this one who does not have any knowledge ,
Oh great wisdom, who is removing my ignorance .

AAkkam alavu iruthi illai , anaithulagum,
AAkkuvaai, kaapaai, azhippai , arul tharuvai,
Pokkuvai , yennai puguvippai nin thozhumpin,
Naathathin neriyai cheyai , naniyaane ,
Matham manam kazhiya nindra marayone . (41-45)

Oh god who does not have birth , life or death ,
You are the one who makes all the world,
You would protect , destroy and also shower your grace ,
Destroy the illusion , and make me to serve you ,
Oh god who is like a scented flower ,
Though you are far , far away , you are near ,
Oh Lord of Vedas , who is beyond mind and thought .

Karantha paal kannalodu nei kalanthor pol,
Chiranthu adiyar chinthanayul then oori nindru,
Pirantha pirappu arukkm yengal peruman,
Nirangal or iynthu udayai , vinnorgal yetha,
Marainthu irunthai yen peruman,valvinai yen thannai,
Marainthida moodiya irulai ,
Arambhavam yenum arum kayithaal katti,
Puram thol porthu , yengum puzhu azhukku moodi,
Malam chorum onpathu vayil kudilai,
Malanga pulangal iynthum vanchanayai cheyya(46-55)

Oh my lord , who puts a stop to cycle of births ,
By standing in the minds of great devotees,
Like honey which is the mixture of newly milked milk ,
Honey and Ghee , you are the one having all the five colours,
And you were hiding from the view of devas ,
Who were not able to see you and praise you , oh lord.
Please tie me , who is caught in the horrible past Kama,
And is being hidden completely by darkness of illusion
by considerations of all the acts ,
That can be done and should not be done ,
And tie me with a rope of sins and good acts
And further cover the dirt and worms of my inside by a skin,
And construct me as a hut with nine holes,
Through which all that is not wanted goes out,
With the five senses deceiving me and put me in to a stupor ,

Vilangum manathal , Vimalaa unakku,
Kalantha anbaagi , kasinthu ul urugum,
Nalam than ilatha siriyerkku nalgi,
Nilam than mel vanthu aruli , neel kazhalkal kaatti,
Nayir kidayai kidantha adiyerkku ,
Thayir chirantha dhayavana , thatthuvane (56-61)

Oh God , who is pure, though I am With an unstable (animal like ) mind, ,
Which does not merge with you due to extreme love ,
Which does not melt on hearing you
And which does not have any good in it ,
You have taken mercy on this lowly one,
And came on this earth and showed me your long feet
And showed much more mercy than a mother ,
To me who was lying even worse than a dog.

Masatha jyothi malarntha malar chudare ,
Desane, theanar amudhe , Shivapurane ,
Pasamaam patthu aruthu parikkum aariyane ,
Nesa arul purinthu nenjil vanjam keda ,
Peraathu nindra perum karunai peraare.(62-66)

Oh blemish less flower like flame,
Which appears like a rising light ,
Oh sparkling one , oh nectar like honey ,
Oh Lord who has the city of Shiva ,
Oh wise one who showered your grace ,
By cutting off all my affectionate attachments,
Shower your friendly grace , cut of all hatred from my mind,
Oh great river of mercy , which never leaves my mind.

AAraa amudhe , alavilaa pemmane ,
Oraathaar ullathu olikkum oiyaane,
Neerai urukki yen aaruyirai nindraane ,
Inbavum thunbavum illanne , ullane. (67-70)

Oh never satiating nectar , Oh God who is beyond measurement ,
Oh light who hides himself in a mind which is not interested,
Oh God who made my mind melt and stood there as my dear life,
Oh god who does not have happiness or hardships and who stands inside me.

Anbarukku anbane , Yavayumai, allaiyumai,
Chothiyane thunnirule , thondra perumayane,
Aadhiyane antham naduvagi allane ,
Eerthu yennai aat konda yenthai perumane ,
Koortha mey jnanthaal kondu unarvar tham karuthin ,
Nokkariya nokke , nunukku ariya nun unarve.(71-76)

Oh friend to your devotees , Oh God who is everything as well as nothing ,
Oh God who is a flame , Oh God who is darkness , Oh God who is never born,
Oh primeval one who has crossed the state of middle as well as end,
Oh Lord who as a father , attracted me and made me yours,
Oh God who can be known only by the very intelligent ones ,
And their look is a rare one which is to be appreciated ,
And their understanding you is a rare feeling.

Pokkum varavum punarvum illa punniyane ,
Kakkum yen kavalane , kanbariya peroliye ,
Aathru inba vellame , Atha mikkai nindra,
Thotha chuddar oliyai chollatha nun unarvai. (77-80)

Oh blessed Lord who never goes , comes or joins,
Oh Guard who protects me, Oh great light which is difficult to see ,
Oh sweet water of grace , you are more than my father ,
And stand before me as great light and an indescribable micro feeling,

Maathamaam vaiyakathin , vevvere vandhu arivaam,
THethane , thetha thelive , yen chindanai ul,
OOthaana unnar amudhe , udayaane ,
Vethru vikara vidakku udambin ul kidappa,
AAthen yem ayya arane oh yendru yendru.
Pothi pugahndhirundu poi kettu mei aanaar (81-86)

Oh clarity , who comes in different forms of this changing world,
Oh complete understanding due to that clarity ,
Oh nectar of feeling which flows in my thoughts ,
Oh God who owns me , Oh Sir , I am not able to,
Lie tied up in this body made of flesh and sensations,
Oh Lord , Oh Shiva , Like this they praised ,
And left this untrue body and got the true body(Lord Shiva)

Meetingu vandhu vinai piravi Chaaraame ,
Kalla pula kkurambai kettu azhikka vallane ,
Nal iruil nattam payindru aadum nadhane,
Thillai ul koothane , then pandi naattane.(87-90)

Oh God who is capable of destroying this body,
Which is the place where the deceiving five senses reside ,
And which has been prevented from coming again .
Oh Lord who dances even in mid night when all world sleeps ,
Oh Lord who dances in Chidambaram who is from the southern Pandya kingdom.

Allal piravi aruppavane oh endru,
Chollarkku ariyanai cholli thiruvadi keezh ,
Cholliya paatin chol unarnthu cholluvaar ,
Chelvaa shiva purathin ullar , Sivan adi keezh ,
Pallorum yetha panithu .

Oh lord who cuts of this painful life of birth,
Those who called you God , who cannot be understood , as “ oh god”
And understand this song which was sung below your feet ,
Would go to the wealthy land of Shiva’s city ,
And would remain below the feet of Lord Shiva ,
Being prayed and worshipped by many.

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