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Shiva Stotram by Agasthya

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Agasthya Krutha Shiva stotram

Sage Agasthya

Translated by

(Here is grand prayer of utter simplicity from sage Agasthya)

1.Adhya may saphalam janma cha sdhya may thwam paramthapa,
Adhya may saphalam jnanam Shambho thwath Pada adharath.

If my life is fruitful, it is due to you divine God,
If my intelligence is fruitful , it is due to my depending on your feet.

2,Krutharthoham, krutharthoham , Krutharthoham, Maheswara,
adhya they pada padmasya darsanath Bhakthavathsala

I am thankful to you, indebted to you , grateful to you, Oh great God,
As this is due to seeing your lotus like feet, Oh god who loves his devotees.

3.Shiva Shambhu , Shiva, shiva, Shiva, Shambhu, Shiva, Shiva,
Ithi Vyaaharatho nithyam Dhinaanyaanthu yanthu may.

Oh shiva, Shambhu, shiva, Shivahiva, shambhu, shiva, shiva,
Like this if I spend my days, then they are indeed well spent.

4.Shiva Bhakthi , shiva Bhakthi , Shiva Bhakthi Bhave bhave,
Sadaa bhooyath, sadaa bhooyath, sadaa bhooyaath sunischala,

Devotion to Shiva, devotion to Shiva, Devotion to shiva at every moment,
It always will happen, always will happen , always will happen without any doubt.

5.Vayan-m dhanyaa, vayam dhanyaa, vayam dhanyaa Jagat thraye,
Aadhi devo , mahadevo yadasmath kula deivatham.

I am blessed, I am blessed, I am blessed in all the three worlds,
If the primeval God , the cgreat God Shiva is the deity of my clan.

6.Hara Shambho Maha deva, Viswesa amaro vathsala,
Shiva sankara sarvathman , Neela kanda Namosthuthe.

Oh Hara, Oh shambhu, Oh great God , Oh lord of universe , Oh God who likes devas,
Oh shiva, Oh sankara , Oh souls of all, Oh blue necked one, I salute you.