Sivadasa Sen

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Sivadasa Sen was born (somewhere between 1454 - 1474 AD[1]) in the Vaidya guild to Ananta Sen in Malancika, a village in modern day Bengal. Another indication of his birthplace is from his name viz., Sen and that he was a Vaiśnava.


Sivadasa Sen's commentary on Caraka Samhita is known as Tattva-Candrika and was written in 1448 CE--however, only Sutras 1-27, are available in present times. The manuscript belongs to the Bombay Royal Asiatic Society Library.


  1. It is known Guda Bengal which was ruled by Barbaka Saha at the time of his birth and his rule was from 1454 to 1474 A. D.
  • The Caraka Samhita published by Shree Gulabkunverba Ayurvedic Society, Jamnagar, India