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In this book, we analyze the psycho-social consequences faced by Indian American children after exposure to the school textbook discourse on Hinduism and ancient India. We demonstrate that there is an intimate connection—an almost exact correspondence—between James Mill’s colonial-racist discourse (Mill was the head of the British East India Company) and the current school textbook discourse. This racist discourse, camouflaged under the cover of political correctness, produces the same psychological impacts on Indian American children that racism typically causes: shame, inferiority, embarrassment, identity confusion, assimilation, and a phenomenon akin to racelessness, where children dissociate from the traditions and culture of their ancestors.

This book is the result of four years of rigorous research and academic peer-review, reflecting our ongoing commitment at Hindupedia to challenge the representation of Hindu Dharma within academia.

Sri Maha Sathru Angrahashtakam

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Sri Maha sasthru anugraha kavacham
(The great armour of blessing of Sastha)

Translated by

(Sastha is the son of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. This armour deals with that divine God)

Sri Devyuvacha:-
The Goddess said:-

1.Bhagwan deva devesa sarvagna tripuranthaka,
Prapthe Kali yuge ghore Maha Bhoothai samavruthe.

Oh God, oh god of gods , Oh all knowing one , Oh destroyer of three cities,
With the coming of the horrible Kali yuga , great ghosts have enveloped earth.

2,Maha vyadhi Maha vyala ghora raja samavruthe ,
Duswapna shoka santhapai durvineethai samavruthe.

Great diseases, greatly vicious and horrible kings have also come,
Bad dreams , sorrow , worry , bad laws have come and filled up.

3.Swa dharma virathe marge pravruthe hrudhi sarvadhaa,
Theshaam sidhincha, mukthincha thwam may broohi vrushadwaja.

My mind is always working to stop deterioration of our Dharma,
And Oh God who has bull in his flag , tell me how it can be achieved and the world freed.

Ishwara uvacha:-
Lord Shiva said:-

4.Srunu devi Maha bage sarva kalyani karane,
Mashasasthruscha devesi kavacham punya vardhanam.

Oh Goddess who is great who is reason for all auspiciousness,
Please hear the armour of Maha Sastha which increases auspiciousness.

5.Agnisthamba , jalasthambancha , sena stambamcha vidhayakam,
Maha Bhootha prasamanam, Maha Vyadhi nivaranam.

It can be used to freeze fire , water and army ,
It destroys great bhoothas and cures great diseases.

6.Maha Jnana pradham punyam, viseshath kali thapaham,
SArva rakshothamam ayur arogya vardhanam.

It leads to great wisdom , it’s auspicious specially reduces problems of Kali age,
It also provides great protection and increases life and betters health.

7.KImatho bahunokthena yam yam kaamayathe dwija,
Tham tham aapnothi sandeho Maha Sastru prasadanath.

Because of this wishes of Brahmins would endlessly ,
Be fulfilled , without any doubt , due to grace of Sastha.

8.Kavachasya rishir Brahma , Gayathri chanda uchyathe,
Devatha Maha Satha , devo Hariharathmaja

For this armour the sage is Brahma, the meter is Gayathri,
The God is Maha Sastha and god addressed is son of Vishnu and Shiva.

9.Shadanga machare bhakthya mathraya jathi yukthaya,
Dhyanam asya pravakshyami srunshwavahitha priye.

With six type of rituals and devotion along with simple manner ,
I would tell you how to meditate on him, darling of him who carries the river.

Asya Sri Maha sastru kavachamanthrasya, brahma rishi, Gayathri chanda, Maha Sastha devathaa,
Hraam beejam, Hreem Shakthi, hroom keelakam, Sri Maha sathru prasada sidhyarthe jape viniyoga.

For the armour of Maha Sastha the sage is Brahma, the meter is Gayathri, the god is Maha Sastha ,
The root is Hraam, the power is Hreem, the nail is hroom and this is being chanted to get the blessings of Maha Sastha.


10.Thejo mandala madhyagam .trinanayanam, divyambaralangrutham,
Devam pushpa sareshu karmakala sanmanikhya pithra abhayam,
Bibraanam kara pankajai madha gaja skandadhiroodam vibhum,
Sastharam saranam vrujami sathatham trilokya sammohanam.

I surrender to the God Sastha , who attracts all the three worlds,
Who is in the middle of a glowing light , who has three eyes, who wears holy cloths,
Who is the God with flower arrows and drinking goblet in his lotus like hands,
Who is the lord riding on the shoulders of elephants with masth.

Lam ithyadhi Panchopachara Pooja
Worship with five type of hospitalities starting with Lam.

11.Mahasashtha Sira pathu, phalam hariharathmaja,
Kamaroopi drusam pathu, sarvajna may sruthi sadaa

Let the great Sastha protect my head , Let the son of Vishnu and Shiva protect my forehead,
Let the god with a lovely form protect my eyes, let the all knowing one protect my ears.

12.Granam pathu krupadhayksho, mukham gowripriya sadaa,
Vedaadyayi cha may jihwaam, pathu may chibukam guru

Let the one presiding over mercy protect my nose,
Let my mouth be protected by the darling son of Gowri,
Let the one who has learned Vedas protect my toungue,
And let the teacher protect my chin.

13.Kandam pathu vishudhathma, skandhou pathu surarchitha,
Bahu pathu Viroopaksha, karou thu kamala Priya.

Let my neck be protected by the pure soul,
Let my shoulders be protected by the one who is worshipped by devas,
Let my hands be protected by the one with various occupations ,
Let my arms be protected by one who is liked by Goddess Lakshmi.

14.Bhoothadhipo may Hrudayam, Madhyam pathu mahabala,
Nabhim pathu mahaveera, kamalaksho avathatnkatim.

Let the lord of Bhoothas protect my heart,
Let my middle be protected by one who is very strong,
Let my navel be protected by the greatly valorous one,
Let my waist be protected by the one who has lotus like eyes.

15.Saneepam pathu visweso, guhyam guhyarthvith sadaa,
OOru pathu gajaroodo, vajra dhari cha januni.

Let the God of the universe protect my reproductive organs,
Let the one who has secret meanings protect my private parts,
Let my thighs be protected by the one who rides the elephant,
Let my shanks be protected by one who holds Vajraydha.

16.Jange pasangusadhara, padhou pathu Mahamathi,
SArvangam pathu may nithyam Maha Mayaavisaradha.

Let my thogh be protected by one who holds the rope and the goad,
Let my feet be protected by the very intelligent one,
Let all my organs be daily protected by the expert in great illusion.

17.Itheedham kavacham punyam sarvaghogha nikrunthanam,
Maha Vyadhi prasamanam, Maha pathaka nasanam.

This is the auspicious armour which destroys all ills,
And which cures all great diseases and destroys all great crimes.

18.Jnana vairagyadham divya manimadhi vibhooshitham,
Aayur arogya jananam, maha vasya karam param.

This promotes wisdom and renunciation and would ornament us with divine gems,
This promotes health and life span and also greatly attracts others.

19.Yam yam kaamayathe kamam, tham tham aapnothya asamsaya,
Trisandhyam ya padeth vidhwan, sa yaathi paramam gathim.

Whatever one wishes to have, without doubt this would give it to him,
And if this is read at dawn, noon and dusk , he would attain the divine place.

Ithi Guhya rathna chinthamanou Sri Maha sathranugraha kavacham samaptham

Thus ends the great armour of blessing of Shastha , which occurs in Guhya rathna Chinthamani.