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Sri Narasimha Saraswati

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Sripaad Swami told a Brahmin lady to devote her life to the worship of Lord Siva. She did accordingly and as a result she was born in Karanja a town near Akola (Central India) in a pious family and was named Amba. She grew and she was married to a pious man Madhava Sharma. She was devoted, heart and soul to the service of of her husband. His noble company added to the holy tendencies she developed as a result of her spiritual discipline in her previous life. She now became an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. In course of time, she gave birth to a son. The child did not cry at birth, instead, the only sound he uttered was OM and everyone was amazed at it. Astrologers assured Madhava Sharma that their child was indeed an avatar of the Lord. They also prophesied that he would renounce all worldly ties and that he would uplit the fallen souls. The child was named Narahari.

The name signified that he was the dispeller of the sins and miseries of human beings.


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