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Sri Parasurama Stotram

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Prayer to Lord Parasurama (Parasurama avatar of Vishnu)

Translated by P.R.Ramachander

Lord Parasurama was an avatar of Vishnu. He was armed an axe (parasu) in his hand. He was the son of Sage Jamadagni and Renuka. He beheaded his mother at the command of his father. Later as per his request Jamadagni gave back her life. To avenge Karthaveeryarjuna’s son’s who killed his parents, he killed 27 generations of Kshatriyas. With the Ramavatara his role came to an end. To wash of his sins in killing the Kshatriyas, he gave all the land he won in charity. So he had to leave the then existing land masses. To continue living, he threw his axe and raised the present day Kerala. He is supposed to live there even today and this land is called Parasuramakshethra. It seems that, it has been practice in Kerala in ancient days to sing this prayer to Parasurama, before starting any religious rites

Devam naumi remapathim, ranapatum, bhaswath kireedanchitham,
Kodandam sasaram karena dhadhatham vamena chanyena cha,
Aartha thrana patum kutarasamatham kanda chidham bhasuram,
Smasru prasphurithananam sura thanum Ramam sada saswatham., 1

I salute that Rama with an axe,
Who is being saluted by devas,
Who is the consort of Lakshmi,
Who is expert in fighting in war,
Who shines due to his crown,
Who holds Kodanda in his right hand,
And arrows in his left hand,
Which are capable of saving the oppressed,
Who is armed with the terrible white axe,
Who is effulgent with light,
And who has a well proportioned heavenly body,

Brahma kshatravapurdhara smitha mukho rajanyakaalanalo,
Bribrana parasum karena tharuna pradhyothnodath prabha,
Vidhyuth pingalatha jatavalaya vanaschadayan valkalam,
Jeeyadhujjwala yagna suthra mahitho ramaschiram bhargava., 2

Victory to that Bhargava Rama,
Who has a laughing face of Brahmin as well as Kshatriya,
Who is the great fire which destroyed the clan of kings,
Who held the terrible axe in his hand,
Who shined like the rising sun,
Who had very electrifying matted locks,
Who dressed himself using the bark of trees,
And who was famous as the one,
Who knows the holy chants of Yagna.