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By Swami Harshananda

Sudarśanasuri lived in A. D. 1200-1275. He was the son of Digvijayabhaṭṭa and the grandson of Vedavyāsabhaṭṭa who was the second son of Kureśa, the famous disciple of Rāmānuja.[1] He was the author of the now famous Srutaprakāśikā, a detailed gloss on the Śribhāsya of Rāmānuja. Vedānta Deśika[2] was his younger contemporary, who tactfully managed to save Sudarśanasuri’s book as also his two sons during the Muslim invasion of South India. The other works of Sudarśanasuri are:

  1. Śrutapradipikā
  2. Tātparyadipikā
  3. Saranāgatigadyabhāsya, a commentary on the Subālopaniṣad
  4. Sandhyāvandana-bhāsya
  5. Kṣamāsodaśī


  1. He lived in A. D. 1017-1137.
  2. He lived in A. D. 1268-1369.
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