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By Swami Harshananda

Commentaries on Śāndilya Bhaktisutras[edit]

The Śāndilya Bhaktisutras are also known as the Sāndilya-śata-sutrīyam. It has two well-known commentaries:

  1. Bhāsya of Svapneśvara
  2. Bhakti-candrikā of Nārāyaṇatīrtha

Origin of Svapneśvara[edit]

Svapneśvara must have existed sometime during the period 14th to the 17th century A. D. but more nearer to the 14th. He belonged to Gauḍadeśa or Bengal. He was the son of Jaleśvara and grandson of Viśārada. Jaleśvara was the commander-in-chief of the king of Bengal.

Other Literary Works[edit]

Nothing more is known about him except that he wrote two more treatises:

  1. The Nyāyatattvanikasa
  2. The Vedānta-tattvanikasa

Unfortunately neither work is available now. His commentary on Śāṇḍilya’s Bhaktisutras is simple, natural and direct.


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