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In this book, we analyze the psycho-social consequences faced by Indian American children after exposure to the school textbook discourse on Hinduism and ancient India. We demonstrate that there is an intimate connection—an almost exact correspondence—between James Mill’s colonial-racist discourse (Mill was the head of the British East India Company) and the current school textbook discourse. This racist discourse, camouflaged under the cover of political correctness, produces the same psychological impacts on Indian American children that racism typically causes: shame, inferiority, embarrassment, identity confusion, assimilation, and a phenomenon akin to racelessness, where children dissociate from the traditions and culture of their ancestors.

This book is the result of four years of rigorous research and academic peer-review, reflecting our ongoing commitment at Hindupedia to challenge the representation of Hindu Dharma within academia.

Thiruchendhur Chendiladipan Thirupalliyezhuchi

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Thiruchendur chendhiladhipan Thirupalliyezhuchi.
(The waking up song of the Lord of Thiruchendur)

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(Among the great temples of Lord Subramany in Tamil Nadu , Thiruchendur is the only one which is on the sea shore. Here Lord Subramanya has been depicted after his victory over Sura . This sweet prayer in Tamil is sung to wake him up.)

1.Vethi ver karamudayai, yemai udayai,
Vidinthathu, un pookazhar kinai malar kondu,
Chuthiya adiengal thooi manathudane,
Chol magizhvudan nin thiruvadi thozhuvom,
Theithiya kamalangal alarum than vayal choozh,
Thiruchendilampathi vaazhum Murugone,
Yethuyar cheval pathagai udayoyi,'
Yem perumaan palli yezhundarulvaye.

Oh God with victorious Vel in your hand ,
Oh God who has possessed me, The dawn has arrived,
We with a pure mind tied by your flower like feet,
Are saluting your divine feet with happiness of words,
Oh Muruga who lives in Thiruchendur surrounded,
By fields were series of lotus flowers have bloomed,
Oh God with the very high flag with a cock,
Oh my Lord, please wake up and come before us.

2.Keezh disai aruna num kilar oli veesa,
Kili, mayil kuyil , kaakam chevalgal koova,
Kaar irul neengidum kathiravan varavum,
Kadimaa malarudan yendhiya kayyar,
Thaazhthidum chenniyar thavam udai periyor,
Thani thani namangal puguluvaar naavil,
Yezhisai paravum nar chendilambarane,
Yem perumaan palli yezhundarulvaye.

In the east the early sun has brought his graceful light,
Parrot , peacock , nightingale , crow and the cock have started making sounds,
The Sun has come out driving away the great darkness,
People holding in their hand the new big flowers,
The great ones with great penance before whom people bowed their heads,
Are calling you with different and varied names,
Oh God of Thiruchendur who spreads seven musical notes,
Oh my Lord, please wake up and come before us.

3.Ven sangam muzhangine , visai oli beri,
Vidha vidha vathiyangal olithana palavaal,
Tha arul churanthidum thalir malar paadangal,
Charnthudan therisikka yaavarum vandhaar,
Pannisai vedhiyar Veda muzhangi,
Pani malar thooviye paravinar marungil,
Yennarum chendhiyil isaindhu amar muruga,
Yem perumaan palli yezhundarulvaye.

The white conchs have produced great sound, the sparkling drums,
And different types of instruments has created various type of sounds,
The soft flower like feet which oozes grace,
Were depended upon and various people have come to see it,
Brahmins chanted Vedas in different ragas,
And are spread all over offering white flowers,
Oh Muruga who has occupied willingly my great Thiruchendhur,
Oh my Lord, please wake up and come before us.

4.Parkudam kavadi bakthargal oru paal,
Parivudan vazhipadum anbargal oru paal,
Nathisayor thirai konarnthanar oru paal,
Nesamudan tamizh marai olippavar oru paal,
Parkadal thuyinronum birammanum oru paal,
Panbudan oorvasi arambayar orul paal,
Yer kurum oli thigazh chenthil amarnthoy,
Yem perumaan palli yezhundarulvaye.

On One side devotees with pot of milk and Kavadi,
On one side devotes who do service with devotion,
On one side people from four sides bringing offerings,
On one side people who chant Thamizh vedas with love,
On one side the Brahma and the God who sleeps on ocean of milk,
On one side oorvasi and other divine dancers standing with culture,
Oh dazzling god who sat in the greatly praised Thiruchendur,
Oh my Lord, please wake up and come before us.

5.Pancha bhoothangal yaavum paravi ninroy yendrum,
Parkkum idam thorum panbudan amarnthai,
Enjalil isaiyudan yethudhal allal,
Yenpurugavum ninai kandariyom yaam,
Thanjamedru adiyavarkkarulum Chendhoora,
Chathur marai oodurayum Shanmukanadha,
Yenjiya paaz vinai aruthu yemai aanda,
Yem perumaan palli yezhundarulvaye.

You are spread among all the five elements,
And you sat in all the places that you saw,
Except praying you along with music in the temple,
We have not realized and found you after melting devotion.
Oh God of Chendhur who showers your grace on devotees seeking your protection,
Oh Lord Shanmuka who spreads through the four Vedas,
Oh God who cut off the remaining Karma from us,
Oh my Lord, please wake up and come before us.

6.Chepparum adiyavargal thanithirunthu unarvaar,
Cheivini agathiduvaar thavaa palarum,
Ooparum irudigal thammanayodum,
Uvamiyil jepathodu ondriye amarnthaar,
Cheypperum neelvayal choozh thiruchendur,
Chirappudan amar Siva subramanya,
Yepirappinum unai yethida arulvai,
Yem perumaan palli yezhundarulvaye.

Well known devotees would realize you by being alone,
Many people would remove the bad karma that one has done,
Great and incomparable sages along with their family,
Have Got immersed in you with incomparable chanting,
Oh Siva Subramanya who sat with glory ,
In great Thiruchendur surrounded by long paddy fields,
Please make me worship you in any birth that I take.
Oh my Lord, please wake up and come before us.

7.Then inithena kandu paal inithenave,
Cheppugindra amutham inithena unaraar,
Manamar thiruvadi padimisai urave,
Vandu yemai andida ingu yezhandarulum,
Mel nimir cholai choozh chendilapathi
Vaazh Velane seelane ,vinjayar kone,
Jnana vadive,yemai aatkonda kove,
Nathandhane , palli yezhundarulvaye.

Those who find that honey is sweet and milk also is sweet,
Do not realize that the nectar like words that are said are sweet,
The divine feet that rests on the deer is the relation of the music of touch,
OH Lord of Thiruchendur surrounded by gardens which stand erect,
Please come over here so that you can rule over us,
Oh holder of the lively Vel, Oh God who is good , Oh king of devas,,
oh wisdom personified, Oh King who has taken me over,
Oh end of all leaders, please wake up and come before us.

8.Adhi nadu antham aagiyum nindrai ,
Ari ayan ariyaar yaar unai arivaar,
Jothi vadivaam iru deviyum neeyum,
Thol pugazh adiyarkku arul cheyum parane,
Odiya marai pugazh uruvinai katti,
Uyar thiru cheer alavai nagar katti,
Vedhiyaravathum katti vandhu aandaai,
Vimalane, palli yezhundarulvaye.

You stood is beginning , middle and the end,
Who does not know Vishnu and Brahma know you,
Oh God, With a form of light and with two consorts,
You Gave your grace to the devotees who were famous long ago.
Showing the fame of the Vedas that you have learned,
Showing the wealth of the very great city of Madurai,
And showing a brahminical form, you ruled,
Please make me worship you in any birth that I take.
Oh pure God , please wake up and come before us.

9.Vanaka thevarum vazhi padum ninnai,
Maaporule nidham vazhthida yendrum,
Mana ippuvi thanil vandamar vaazhve,
Mannu chendhoora vazhi vazhi adiyom,
Oonakthu ulavi nindru olirum chenthene,
Olikku oliyai yendrum paravum adiyaar,
Jnana agathile nandru oliraanaai,
Nallamuthe palli yezhundarulvaye.

You who are being worshiped by devas of heaven,
Oh great God to praise and wish you daily,
Oh life who came and sat in this earth in my mind,
We are your devotees generation after generation, Oh Lord of Thiruchendhur,
Oh pure honey who walks on this earth and shines,
You have become great light in the inner wisdom,
To the devotees who spread as light of light,
Please make me worship you in any birth that I take.
Oh great nectar , please wake up and come before us.

10.Avaniyir piranthu naam aayvarivilla,
Aanakalam veenai pokkinom , avame,
Shivakumara naangal uynthida ninaithu ,
Cheer alaivai uraivai ayan,Maalar
Bhuvi thanil pothavum pugazhavum ninrai,
Punniyane nin karunayum neeyum ,
Thavamila chiriyemai thaduthal vallai,
Dayaparane , palli ezhundtharulvaaye.

After being born in this world , this time,
We became irrational and it was was spent without any use,
Oh son of Shiva , dreaming of achieving salvation.
You stood in the earth with the praise and ovation of,
The Vishnu and Brahma who are in great Madurai.
Oh blessed one, only you and your mercy can prevent and so rule over,
Us who are very insignificant and have not done any penance
Oh merciful one , please wake up and come before us.