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Vaasthu Manthras

From Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

Translated By P.R.Ramachander

Vasthoshpathe is the God who protects residencial buildings. As soon as a building is built he occupies it. So immediately after a house is built, the guardian of the house should be made happy, this prayer in the Rig Veda is addressed to this guardian[1].

Vasthoshpathe prathi jaanhihyasman,
Thsvaveso aanamivo bhavaa na,
Yath thwameha prathi thanno jushaswa,
Sham no bhava dwipade sham chathushpade., 1

Oh protector of the dwelling, please know us,
Make this home good for us and free from ills,
Please grant us what we seek from you,
Make us who are two legged and four legged[2] happy.

Vasthishpathe pratharano na yedhi gayasphano,
Gobhir aswebhirindho,
Ajarasasthe sakhye syama,
Pitheva puthraan prathi no jushaswa., 2

Oh protector of the dwelling, preserve and augment our assets,
Along with cows and horses, oh pretty one,
(or along with knowledge and enthusiasm, oh pretty one)
Let our companionship continue without problems,
And please treat me like a father treats his son.

Shagmaya samsada they sakshimahi,
Ranvaya gathumathya,
Pathi ksema utha yoge varam no,
Yuyam patha swasthibhi sadaa na., 3

Oh guardian of the dwelling,
May we posses a happy home,
Which is delightful and great,
Protect our desires in peace and in action,
And Oh Gods, look after this house.

Ameevahaa Vasthishpathe,
Vishwa roopani avishaan,
Sakhaa Suseva yedi na., 4

Oh guardian of the house, remove all ills from here,
By taking al forms of the universe,
And be my friend and provide us good service.

Abhi vo arche poshyavato nrun,
Vasthospatheem thwashtaram raranah,
Dhanya sajosha dhishana namobhir,
Vanaspatheen ooshadhee raya yeshe., 5

I sing the rik chants which are invigorating,
So that the guardian of the house and lord of forms are happy,
And to the goddess Dhishana who bestows wealth and is dear to God,
And to Soma the lord of happiness and growth,
(Or So the product of forests and drugs are happy)

Vastoshpahe dhruvaasdhnaam,
Aasathram somyamanam,
Drapso bhethaa puraam,
Saswatheenaam indro muneenaam sakhaa., 6

Oh Guardian of the house, let the roof be strong.
And may it protect the stream of soma,
Indra is the destroyer of cities of the enemies,
And Indra is the friend of all sages.


  1. This stotra is taken from the book "Veda Manthras and Sukthas" published by SAKSI, Bangalore
  2. The domestic animals