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By Swami Harshananda

Vaidyanāthadhām literally means ‘Abode of Vaidyanātha, Śiva’ or ‘of a different nature’.

This is one of the eleven kinds of tarka or logic. If somebody says that, since śabda[1] and rupa[2] are both indriya- grāhya[3] let them be considered identical, the reply is that the sense-organs that perceive them[4] being vijāti[5] they are also different. This kind of argument is vaijātya.


  1. Śabda means sound.
  2. Rupa means form.
  3. Indriyagrāhya literally means perceived by the sense-organs.
  4. Here ears and eyes are referred as sense organs.
  5. Vijāti means of different natures.
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