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Aadeer oonjal

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Aadeer Oonjal

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(These Songs are sung when the bride and groom swing for the first time on a decorated swing. )


Aadeer OOnjal


1.Vindai nirai chem. Pavazha kaalgal natti,
Vilangum uyar marakathathaal kodungai pooti,
Andamulla nava rathna oonjal meedhe,
Abhimanyuvudan vathsalayum aadir oonjal

2.Indiranum , sasiyum one vadam thottu aatta,
Chandra shekaranum Umayum Oru vadam thottu aatta,
Thumburu naradarum veenaigal meeta,
Sri Ranga nadtharudan aadeer oonjal

English translation


Please swing in the swing ,


1.After erecting the magical pillars of red coral,
After hanging the hooks made of emerald,
On the very pretty swing made of nine gems,
Abhimanyu and Vathsala, please swing.

2.One side swung by Indra and his wife Sasi,
And another side swung by Lord Shiva and Parvathi,
With the accompaniment of Veena played by Dumburu and Narada,
Please swing along with Sri Ranga Natha.