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Aarthi Annapurnaki

From Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Goddess Annapurna is the presiding Goddess of the holy city of Varanasi. There is a story that Lord Shiva was cursed to beg, and Goddess Parvathi took this form to give alms to Lord Shiva. She is to be the Goddess who gives us food.

Barambar pranam mayya, Barambar pranam,
Jo dhyave thumhi Ambike, kahan use Visram,

Oh, mother again and again, I salute you, again and again, salutes, Oh, mother to those who think about you, where is the rest,

Annapurna devi naam thihare, leth hoth Sab kam. (Barambar…)

Oh Goddess Annapurna, as soon as one takes your name, all jobs are completed,

Pralaya yuganthar aur janmanthat, kalanthar thak naam.
Sur suron ki rachana karthi, kahan Krishna, Kahan Ram, (Barambar…)

Your name is there at the deluge when yugas end, when creations stop, and when time ends. You create the devas and Asuras; where is Krishna, where is Ram?

Chumhi Charan Chathur chathuranan, charu chakradhar shyam,
Chandra chood chandranan chakar, shobha lakhhi salam, (Barambar…)

The four-headed Brahma and Lord Krishna holding the pretty wheel touch her feet, And the moon-faced God who wears the moon serves her and salutes her,

Deva devi dayaneeya dasa mein, dhaya dhayaa sab jaamaa.
Trahi trahi saranagath vathsal, sarana roop thava dhaam, (barambar…)

All Gods and Goddess in a pitiful state join together saying, kindness, kindness, Protect us, protect us lover of those who surrender to you, you are the place of protection.

Sreem hreem sradha, Sri ai Vidhya, srim kleem kamala kaam,
Kanthi branthi mayi, kanthi santhi mayi, var dhe thu nishkam. (Barambar…)

Sreem hreem sradha, Sri ai Vidhya, srim kleem kamala kaam,

Oh, Goddess pervaded with light and mobility, Oh, Goddess pervaded with luster and peace, Please give me boons without any botheration.