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Aarukku ponnambalavan Kripai

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Aarukku ponnambalavan krupai

Gopalakrishna Bharathi

Translated by

Ragam Bhairavi
Thalam aadhi

Aarukku ponnambalavan krupai yirukkutho,
Avane periyavanaam

Parukkul veedugal, maadugal , aadugal,
Panam irundhal avan periyavan aavano

1.Veda puranangal odhinadhal yenna ,
Velai choozh pani matharal yenna kariyam,
Sadanaiyagavadhu oru naalum,
Mannasai , pennasai , ponnasai pollathathu

2.Banan madangal adangave cheytha,
Gopalakrishnan dinam thozhum ponnambala,
Vanan yendru aatharavai virumbadhavan,
Vanavaragilum thanavan chinnavan.

English translation

He who has the grace of the God of the golden temple,
Is the only one who is great.

In this earth, if one is having houses , cows ,
Goats and money will he become great.

1.What if one has learnt all Vedas and Puranas,
What is the use of being surrounded by several maids and ladies,
For these will never become achievements,
The desire for land , women and gold are dangerous.

2. He who does not desire the support of,
The God of the golden temple who was worshipped ,
By Gopalakrishna who destroyed the pride of Bana,
Even if he is a god is a very small one.

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