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By Swami Harshananda

Ārṣa-liñga literally means ‘linga pertaining to the ṛṣis’.

Śivaliṅga is one of the most ancient symbols of God that is still being worshiped. Liṅgas have been discovered in other countries also, especially in Mexico and South East Asia.

There are two types of liṅgas

  1. The cala - The movable
  2. The acala or The sthāvara - The immovable

The second one is classified under nine heads. The ‘ārṣa- linga’ is one among them. It is defined as the liṅga set up and worshiped by ṛsis or sages. Ārṣa-liṅgas are usually spheroidal in shape, resembling an unhusked coconut fruit, and do not have the brahmasutra mark on them.


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