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Bhagya Suktham

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Bhagya Suktham

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(This prayer to Bhaga , the God of wealth and fortune occurs in Rig Veda. He is the son of Adithi , supporter and bestower of bliss. Though Bhaga is not a puranic God, he has contributed his name to the words, Bhagawan, Bhagya etc. The Suktha in sanskrit along with its meaning can be found in This suktha in sanskrit is also available in I have referred to both these sites.)

1.Pratar agnim, Pratar Indram havamahe pratar mitra varuna , prathar aswina,
Prathar bhagam pooshanam Brahmanaspathim pratha soma muthaa rudram huvema.

At dawn we invoke Fire God (Agni), Indra , Sun god(Mithra) ,
God of rain(Varuna) and the two Aswini kumaras(Doctors)
At dawn we invoke Bhaga(God of fortune), poosha(God of way),
Brahmanaspathi (Teacher of devas) , Soma( moon God) and Rudra(God of anger).

2.Pratha arjitham bhaga mugram, huvema vayam puthra madhitheyo vidartha,
Adhraschid manya maana suraschid yam Bagam Bhakshithaya.

In the morning we make as our own Bhaga, who is the son of Adhithi and a great supporter,
And therefor even the gods who appear to be great are making Bhaga their own.

3.Bhaga parenthar bhaga sathyaradho bhage maam dhiyamudavaa dhadhanaa,
Bhaga parano janaya gobhir aswai bhaga para nrbhirnravantha sayaama

Oh Bhaga , cross our way, Oh Bhaga who gives true gifts, continue giving your gifts,
Oh Bhaga add cows and horses to our store, Oh Bhaga bestow on us men and kings.

4.Uthedanim bhaga vantha sayomotha paripithwa utha madhye ahnam,
Uthoditha magavana sooryasya vayam devaanaam sumathou sayama.

Make us one with wealth/luck and when light breaks and at noon,
And even at sunset , let us be under the good grace of the gods.

5.Bhaga eva bhagavanasthu Devaasthena vayam bhagavantha sayama,
Tham thavaa bhaga sarva ijjohaveethi sa no bhaga purethaa bhaveha.

Let Bhaga be the one who gives me wealth/luck , and Oh Gods, make us lucky,
Oh Bhaga we pray you with all our mind, that you bhaga be our leader here.

6.Samadhwaraoushaso namatha dadikraveva suchaye padhaaya,
Arvaacheenam vasuvidham bhagam no radhamivaswa vaajina aavahanthu.

Let due to our worship at dawn , make them come to a pure place like Dadikravan,
Similar to strong horses leading the chariot , let Bhaga turn towards us the essence of riches.

7.Aswaavathi rgamatheerna ushaso veeravathi sadamucchanthu bhadraa,
Ghartham duhaana viswatha para peethaa yuyam patha.

Let the dawns be with us ,always safely with horses, cattle and heroes,
Milking the world with plenty and look after us ,Oh God with blessings.

8.Yo maagne bhaginam santhamadhabhagam chikeershati ,
Abhagamagne tham kuru maam agne bhaginam kuru

Oh Fire , the participating saints have offered the present offering
Oh fire let that portion be made that of the participators.

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