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By Swami Harshananda

Brahmaṇaspati literally means ‘lord of brahman prayer or the Vedas’.

Brahmaṇaspati’ is one of the names that occurs in the Rgveda and also in the Śatapatha Brāhmana. He may be the deity of prayer and the text of the Veda itself. He is said to control the clouds and rain and help the world by protecting vegetation.

Scholars differ in regards to his exact identity. He is identified with several roles:

  1. Agni (the fire-god)
  2. The priest of god Indra
  3. Deity of vegetation
  4. A form of candra or the moon

There is reason to believe that Brahmaṇaspati is another name for Bṛhaspati, the preceptor of the gods.


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