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By Jit Majumdar

  1. one whose wheels are on the move; one whose chariot rolls everywhere unobstructed
  2. through whom the wheel (of dharma) moves; one who is not limited by boundaries and borders; one whose power holds sway everywhere; all-powerful; sovereign; overlord; king of kings; an emperor
  3. a sovereign emperor ruling over a vast geographical territory, under whom many kingdoms may exist as subordinate ones obligated to pay taxes, serve as allies during political campaigns etc.
  4. a king who has renounced his royal privileges and prerogatives in favour of asceticism (My. Up.); In Jainism, one who distinguished by possession of ‘seven jewels’, which are, chakra, queen, chariot, jewel, wealth, horse, and elephant. A variation of the list is the ‘nine jewels’, which includes a prime minister and a son along with the first seven. A chakravartin is considered an ideal human being endowed with thirty-two major signs of excellence along with many other minor ones.