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By Jit Majumdar

  1. expert; skilled; efficient; capable; talented; fit
  2. fire; gold
  3. an aditya who is identified with Prajāpati (Ttr. Sańhitā); a prajāpati son of Brahmā, and the husband of Aśikini and Prasūti, the father of Satī who was the incarnation of the Divine Mother Śakti, who was killed by the attendants of Śiva, after his insults towards Śiva drove Satī towards self-immolation at Dakşa’a sacrificial ceremony. He fathered 24 daughters through Prasūti and 60 daughters through Aśikini who became the mothers of gods, titans, humans and animals (Vi. Pur.); the bull of Śiva (A. Kośa).